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Sunday, August 15, 2004

It's been almost two weeks since I last had sex and my sex drive is dreadful...

That is to say, I feel almost insatiable right now. Everything I do seems connected to sex:

When I walk down the street I am checking out guys cocks and asses.
Sitting on the bus I am getting off to the bumpy ride, my pants getting wet.
Watching tv I am imagining the actors naked and in sexual positions.
Sex is the only topic of conversation I seem to have with my friends right now.
Looking at porn on my computer is no longer a past-time, its now an addiction.

I have literally been glued to my hand all weekend and my horniness has not abated one little bit:

Not with the 4 plays today (1 x vibrator, 1 x love eggs, 2 x fingers)
Not with the 5 frigs yesterday (4 x vibrator, 1 x fingers)
Not with the 3 fiddles the day before (3 x vibrator)

And yes, all (but one) have been fantasies involving SP. (The other was a quickie with B - not even that good, but boy oh boy I miss his big cock). In a way it kinda bugs me that SP is in my head (er, pudenda) so much; the minute he pops into my thoughts I begin to throb - as if on demand. Handy when the situation calls for it; frustrating when I am out with friends and my pants get soaked.

Anyway, here I am even more horny as per normal and no SP to help me work it off. I am beginning to think that I won't be fully satisfied until I am with a guy again. Until then I guess some frenetic masturbating is in order. Here's to number 5...

On a related note, the nice guys at QuietWaterWeb have reviewed my blog (and very kind they were too). Though I must comment on their following points about me:

"...she thinks and talks about sex. Yes, she enjoys sex. But if you meet her in real life, she's not going to be any different from every other woman you've met in your entire life. She just talks a bigger game..."

I am little different in 'real life' as I am on this blog; I talk more candidly here (and certainly divulge more information about my partners than I would face to face with people) but on the whole, the topics I write about are things I talk about. Which is why many men (and women I guess) are a little intimidated by me. I probably embarrass people with my frankness about sex, but I am of the belief that if more people (especially women) were open about sex, then dialogue between partners would be better and as a result, sex could be more satisfying and tailored to meet peoples needs. Just my theory. But I think I am right.

I do however agree with QW's follow-on statement:

"...You want the crazy sex? You want a wild woman? Then turn to the "seemingly boring" woman in your life and compliment her. Then clean the house before she asks you to. Maybe try making dinner for her. Offer up a backrub or footrub. Your woman's inner sex fiend just might make a re-appearance..."

A little thought, tenderness and care can go a long way, believe me...

Speaking of which, SP texted me today to see how I was, said he was gonna call me this week to catch up. The saga continues?

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