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Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Fast and The Furious (the Emergency Blog) 

I am still ill.

Still coughing.

Still whispering.

My throat hurts, my lungs ache, and my head feels groggy.

And I feel like I have neglected my blog, having not updated properly all week. Even though I am under the weather, I feel I should write something - anything - to make sure I show my blog some love.

But with a foggy head, nothing of any interest to report, and my hands being preoccupied with doing this, what can I say?

Time for the 'Emergency Blog', I reckon.

I am not one for writing in bulk, storing up entries, and doing mass editing. I tend to blog on impulse, as a thought comes to me, or write up my diary as a result of something that happened in my day to day life. I am less a writer, and more of a diarist, as some of my confessionals on this blog show.

However I do have one or two posts - emergency blogs - on my hard drive that have never made it onto my blog, probably because the 'moment' passed and they seemed irrelevant, or because something else more interesting happened that day and I decided to blog about that instead.

With that in mind - and the need to put something on this blog whilst I am ill - here is 'something I came up with earlier': stuff that happened a while ago. Hope it fills the gap till I am well enough to write again.

“I forgot how hard you come”, he said to me, as my convulsions subsided for a moment, “when you come, you COME, eh?!”

“Mmm”, I replied, as I shifted back up over him, my breasts in front of his face.

He began kissing my nipples again, and tugging them gently with his hands. I slid my legs around him and tucked my ankles behind his arse. We moved together for a while.

“God, you’re close again, I can feel you”, he breathed in my ear, as I gripped his back and held on for dear life.

“Fuck… that feels good”, I responded, as my toes curled and my pussy began to grip him like a vice.

He pulled me closer as I shook, holding my shaking hips as he slid me up and down his cock.

We paused for a second whilst I caught my breath once more.

“Right. Let’s try something else”, he said as he picked me up and turned me over so just my back was on his couch. He knelt on the floor and pulled my legs above his head so my ankles were resting on his shoulders.

He pushed himself into me hard and I trembled.

“Mmm, you’re off again!” he said as he grabbed my tits and thrust into me.

I shook, dug my hands into his arse cheeks and gripped his neck with my toes, as my body tensed up.

“Jesus. Fuck me. Harder…” I trailed off, almost unaware of his groaning, grimacing and steady pumping as I spasmed away uncontrollably.

“Fuckin ‘ell Girl, what’s with you tonight? You’re on fire!” he said as he picked me up once again and sat himself back down on the couch, making sure he was still inside me as I slid my legs around him.

“It just feels… so good… ooh…” I pushed myself onto him deeply, as I rode him again.

“Yeah, go on, yeah”, he moaned, as I dug my nails into his back, “Ouch!”

“Sorry” I murmured, as I slid my hands around his neck, holding him tightly as my convulsions started up again.

He gripped my arse and pulled me into him as the waves of pleasure filled me. “That was sudden. Where did that one come from eh?!”

(To him): “I think it was your cock rubbing against my g-spot. It felt so fucking good.”
(To myself): “I can’t quite believe it, but I think that the excitement of fucking to
Reason Is Treason actually made me come. How weird is that?”

We wait for my shaking to subside for another moment. Then he pushes me off him and stands up.

“Right. There’s been something I’ve been waiting to try”.

He motions me to walk around the couch. I slowly manage to manoeuvre my still-shaking body there and stand next to the waist-high arm.

“Bend over”, he says and pushes me over the arm so that my upper body is draped downwards into the seat of the couch.

I grab hold of the large sofa cushion as he pushes himself into me.

“Mmmfghrbmmm”, I say as he begins to thrust, my mouth pressed up against the cushion.

“Uuugh”, he groans, as he holds my hips and pumps me hard from behind.

My legs begin to shake once more. They feel like jelly. I hold onto the cushion, hard.

“Uh, fuck, yeah!” he says, “Jesus I can feel you coming again! Fuck!”

I hear myself saying (through the cushion), “Harder. Harder. Fuck me. Oh god please. Harder”, as I grind my teeth, go blind, lose control of my legs and shake uncontrollably.

Our convulsions are simultaneous.

Eventually he pulls out, removes the condom, sits down.

I cannot move. All feeling in my legs is gone. The only sensation I have is of my body quivering like a jellyfish. I hold onto the sofa cushion to prevent myself falling over. I can’t stop shaking.

And all I can think to myself, is that in some miniscule way, I am
paying homage to one of my favourite auteurs: I am officially The Woman Who Comes Too Much.

“Been a while has it?” he asks, laughing.

The final Sex Episodes ‘Domination, Dungeons & Dominatrixes’ (parts 1-3), will be postponed till next week when (hopefully) I will have recuperated enough to write them up.

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