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Monday, February 21, 2005

Sex Episode 2: The Man Who Made Me Climax (for the first time) 

I was barely 19. Still sexually inexperienced, naive and eager to learn. I was living life as if there was no tomorrow, working all day, partying all night on a daily basis.

Throughout the day, various people would pop into our office and say hello and come hang out. And this was how I met a guy I shall call J. He was in his 20's then, quite charming, reasonably cute. We used to chat about music and clubs when he came to visit and I guess we flirted a little.

Anyway, one night, after a local gig, he came over to say hi. No-one else was left in the office, just me finalising a days work. I recall us smoking a few joints and maybe having a beer or two. There was talking and laughing. And, at some point, kissing.

I remember his kisses to this day. No-one forgets a good kisser. This guy must've taken a degree in kissing or something: he was that good. We're standing up by the window, and he is, ever so gently, leaning in towards me and kissing me so lightly, it was almost like a feather dancing on my lips. They tingled. And it made me want to devour his mouth. But I just returned his lip-seduction, mirroring his moves, pace and depth. And he kept up the light kissing for a long time. By the end of it, I was very turned on and I realised there was a lot to be learned from this man.

He started running his fingers up and down my neck and back, lightly caressing me, whilst continuing with the kissing at the same time. He then slid his hands around to my breasts, grazing my nipples ever so gently with the back of his hand, before he rested his fingers on my hips, pulling me in towards him. Everything he was doing was so little, so light, but the sensations he was inducing were so intense. I could feel myself getting breathless: I was more and more turned on, more than I had ever been before and I knew that it was only going to get better. And it did.

I recall him pulling me against him and feeling against my thigh, his hard cock. It felt amazing. And then he lifted my leg slightly so that his cock was better placed to rub me between my legs. Oh my god. It was like magic. Feeling this thing, this hard hot thing pressed up against me was better than I could imagine. And he didn't rush to dry hump me at 60 miles an hour like the guys I had been with previously. No. He slowly rubbed me. So slowly in fact that I was pressing myself against him, trying to get more, and faster stimulation. (There is a lot to be said in teasing a woman and making her beg for more. I shall cover this in the next Episode). And DJ just went with whatever pace I chose: if I rubbed slow and hard against him, he would rub me back the same. And if I wanted fast, light rubs, he would follow suit too.

It wasn't long before I could feel it coming. That is to say - me coming. All the slow stimulation had paid off: I was having an orgasm, and no-one was going to stop me. There I was, fully clothed (but with totally drenched panties), vertically dry-humping a guy and having my first ever shared (ie non-masturbatory) orgasm. Lovely. I shook and trembled and he held me tight to stop me from falling over. It was a wonderful moment.

And I never really thanked him for it. Nor apologised for not returning the favour: I was so overwhelmed with my own pleasure, that I left him with a stonking hard-on and jumped on the tube home to bask in my glory. Selfish I know. But we shagged some months later, so I think he forgave me.

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