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Friday, February 11, 2005

Hormonally challenged 

I think I must be ovulating: my body seems to be screaming at me to,

"Go forth, procreate! Now! It'll be good for you!!!"

I've barely been able to concentrate on anything else in the last few days.

Not that I am in a rush to have children of course.

But the only thoughts occupying my mind recently have been of a sexual nature. Driven in part, I am sure, by the hormonal horniness caused by my body being at the height of it's fertility when it releases an ovum.

Sometimes when you really crave a food, it often turns out to be the thing that your body is actually lacking in (ie, craving an orange when you need vitamin C). Likewise, my body seems to be telling me that I need a hot hard cock stuffed inside me, fucking me hard, because I am lacking in something. I haven't figured out yet what it is, but suspect a vitamin deficiency of some sort (zinc, magnesium and protein spring to mind).

So rather than:

updating my cv
phoning old work contacts
contacting my union
visiting a film studio

in order to spec out new work,

I was instead thinking of:

kissing his sweet lips
running my fingers through his hair
nibbling his earlobe softly
parting his mouth with my wet tongue
stroking the chest hair poking out the top of his shirt
pressing my body against his
his hands gently gripping my arse, pulling me in towards him
hearing our breath quickening in sync
sliding my hands underneath his shirt along his lower back
his fingers stroking my nipples gently through my bra
feeling his cock grow against me
and wondering what it would be like to feel him inside me

Obviously none of (A) got done today: I am easily distracted.

Which means my day wasn't as productive as it might have been.

Though I had 5 orgasms, so I guess it's not all bad...

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