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Friday, February 04, 2005


I have no idea what brought it on yesterday, but for some reason I was absolutely fucking mad-crazy horny.

Insanely horny.

To the point of having wet knickers ALL day.

And of course, being on a film set the whole time didn't help matters. Being rushed off my feet for the best part of 12 hours made daylight playtime impossible.

So, it was with some relief, that during my drive home after work, I was finally able to slide my hand in between my legs and feel the part of me that had been aching to be touched all day.

Not that this was easy -
1) I had three layers of clothing to get through: waterproof insulated trousers, thermal leggings and a black lacy lycra thong
2) I had to steer the car on the motorway at 70 miles an hour with only one hand
3) I was interupted by calls and texts whilst I was driving/playing and had to keep removing my hand to check my phone

For almost an hour (!) I was on the brink, but not actually able to finish myself off due to the safety risk involved (orgasm-induced-temporary-blindness resulting in lack of steering control of the vehicle).

So when I finally got home, it was with no lack of rushing that I bolted into my bedroom, threw off my boots, dragged off my trousers, pulled down my thermals, and ripped off my panties.

And you know what happened? I fell asleep.

For all my horniness, the early hours, long(ish) day and lack of sleep finally got to me: my desperate play turned into a Bully Wank and I passed out before climaxing, awakening 4 hours later, with my right hand still between my legs, the pulsating throbbing emanating from there, a reminder of what I had not been able to pacify.

I was robbed! How dare I?! Not even to have the decency to complete the task at hand, not give myself the pleasure I had been dying for all day. Outrageous.

So, (with some determination it has to be said), I dragged myself out of my slumber and forced myself to endure a few minutes of extreme pleasure. Of course I tried to argue with myself, but I can be very persuasive sometimes, and when my climax was close, I gave in to the more forceful side of myself and relented.

Resulting in an orgasm that really was nothing to write home about. I am convinced it would have been spectacular had I not fallen asleep on myself earlier, but either way, it was long overdue and much needed.

Still, I haven't yet figured out if there's a link between sleeplessness, tiredness, long hours and horniness - I wonder if it is just me that gets the most ravenous when I am suffering from all the above?

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