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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Female Domination 

Anyone worried that our favourite sex fiend and all 'round hottie with the D-cups and skimpy underwear, theGirl, might actually be a guy? Then you might want to stop reading, because I definitely am. But there's good news! In the spirit of blogging transvestism, I squeezed my hairy balls into a cute little pink thong this morning for my debut at theGirl's inner sanctum.

OK, maybe that's not a particularly appealing image. Let me tell you why:

We the hairy-testicled are an underappreciated minority. In sex blogs at least. The girls outstrip us in every way at sex blogging, in popularity, productivity and the sheer number of votes they get in the Best of Blog Awards. It's a sad state of affairs for us guys who like to write pervy stuff. And what do I do about this vast gulf of inequality? Well, I read a lot of sex blogs by women. I link to them. I leave comments on their blogs. Most pitifully, I voted for some of them in the BoB Awards when I could have been beefing up the score for the only solo male blogger among the finalists - myself.

No wonder I got spanked by Mistress Matisse and the rest of the girls - she blasted her way to victory with 646 votes. I landed in 8th place, top of the bottom 3 blogs (yay!). But don't think I'm complaining here - it's just to point out an interesting fact: Men contribute to 3 of the 10 finalist BoB blogs, and those three blogs all congregated around the bottom of the list. The other 7 blogs were all written one-handed by women (OK, single-handed, then). This can mean but one thing, boys: Masculinity is the kiss of death for a sexblog.

Why is this? Now that I get the chance to address directly the readers of one of my own favourite fem-bloggers, I just have to ask: Why do women rule the sexblogs?

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