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Monday, January 17, 2005


It's been a while.

I, um, er, well, how can I put it? I am a little preoccupied.

Yes yes I know, a normal state of affairs for The Girl. But you see, it's different. I am different. It's a new year, I have a fresh outlook, and my world seems filled with new and exciting possibilities, in every field of my life.

It's not that I am not thinking about sex anymore; more that I am thinking about not-sex, if that makes any sense. It's the not doing of it I mean: the heightened senses, the bodily response, the anticipation - everything that leads up to sex, that's what's been on my mind of recent times, rather than fantasising about shagging somebody senseless.

I love it when I have my partner on the edge, to have him not knowing what pleasure he will have next, but simultaneously knowing that he will be experiencing pleasure and being on the point of almost not being able to bear the not-knowing. To make him anticipate my next move. And to suprise him, give him less when he expects more, and more when he imagines less.

For example:

To kiss him all over his naked body and let my hair graze his chest, slowly letting it flick over his groin as I make my way down his body. Kiss his hips and see his cock twitch as he feels my cool breath over him. Slide my hands down his thighs and nibble his inside leg, slowly making my way back up his body. Looking at him as I lick his belly button, whilst my breasts softly press against his cock. Smiling at him as I lower my mouth, his eyes focussed on my every move.

His thought: what will her mouth feel like wrapped around my cock?
His anticipation: when will she finally suck me?

Watching his eyes watching me, as I gently slide my wet lips over his cock, licking the underside with my tongue. Hearing him groan and feeling his cock throb as I lower my mouth all the way down. Looking up at him to see him watching me.

He expects me to suck him deep again: he awaits this moment.

I smile, but lick the tip instead, nibbling along the shaft, my fingers stroking the base of his cock and caressing his balls. I open my mouth wider, let it slip in slightly, swirl my tongue around and around. He closes his eyes, forgets about my deepthroating, and focusses on the softness, the wetness, the tongue massage, his cock bouncing back and forth inside my mouth.

And just when he feels that he could get used to this pace, that his cock is so fucking sensitive that it could explode any minute, I grip him tightly and thrust my mouth all the way down sucking as hard as I can. He groans, suprised, his cock stiffens even more. He opens his eyes, moves my hair away from my face, he wants to watch now, wants to see what will come next.

But there's no set method: I just want to increase his anticipation and pleasure, and that's all that matters. I'd prefer to keep him on edge til he feels like the only way off the cliff is down and he wants to fall, now. And of course, that's the time to stop teasing and then (my preference) climb over him, slide him into me and fuck him til he explodes. Or continue sucking, licking, kissing and stroking until he can't take it any more. Either way, pleasure all round, all the better for the sensual anticipation I think.


I love it. Getting someone to a state of heightened sensitivity, by increasing their anticipation, and resulting in them having immense pleasure - well, I cannot think of a more enjoyable thing to do for someone, (except perhaps letting them do the same for you in return).

2005: a time for giving I think...

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