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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Magic Hands 

I promised myself I wouldn't blog when I was drunk, but tonight I have decided to ignore the rule. Because you see, tonight is special. A one-off event. Something to remember in years to come. Only 20 minutes ago I was standing less than 5 feet away from a man who literally rocked my world. That is to say: Mr Graham Coxon.

Yes folks. He gets mentioned twice in one week - an accomplishment I know. But he deserves it.

With thanks to a perceptive reader of my blog (cheers Anakalia), I discovered that Graham was playing a benefit gig for the tsunami victims tonight in a cosy little venue in Camden.

So I spruced myself up (purple and black bra, matching black see-thru mesh thong with purple trim, black hold-up stockings - not that I was expecting any action, but a girl can never be too careful). and I made my way down to the gig.

The support acts were brilliant: The Rifles blasted their way through a storming set; I am Kloot got the audience on a melancholic vibe with their acoustic session.

And then the headliner: Graham. Damn. What a set. What a guitarist. I daren't try to describe his performance - it wouldn't do it any justice. All I can say is he rocked the house. Amazing.

And during the night I got chatted up by two different blokes. Which was nice.

But I was more interested in the music. And when he played Freakin' Out, the audience did just that, including me, normally a reserved young lass, I was surrounded in the mosh pit, jumping up and down, fully enjoying myself.

And Graham? Well, I had an opportunity to talk to him, after his set. He walked past me in the packed out venue, so close that my breasts were pushed up against him as he made his way upstairs. I told him:

"Great set mate. Thanks. It was fab"

and he blushed red and looked down at his feet and mumbled softly:


and that was it. Some rock star he is. Some groupie I am (not). At least I talked to him - however brief and irrelevant it might have been - I can lay my drunken head on my pillow tonight and know I have no regrets.

And maybe if I see this lanky, geeky (sexy) bespectacled guy around again, I'll have the courage to talk to him properly and hopefully find an excuse to buy him a beer and get to know him a little. Hopefully...

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