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Monday, January 31, 2005

Rip and burn 

The jet lag is really getting to me.

I feel like I am in a daze, not knowing whether I am coming or going.

I am exhausted, weak and lacking energy.

And my whole body clock is out of sync: instead of my usual gagging for a shag first thing in the morning, I was, at 5 o'clock this afternoon, absolutely rampantly crazed, and had to struggle through my overly tired demeanour to achieve some release. And very nice it was too, if a little rushed.

I feel fine apart from the jet lag, but I am a little sore.

Not from shagging rampantly whilst I was away
Not from masturbating myself into a frenzy whilst I was away
Not even from wearing a too-tight thong that chafed my private parts

No. Let me explain from whence the soreness came:

I wanted to get waxed whilst I was away, get it all done in one sitting, so I booked myself in for a leg and brazilian bikini wax. All seemed fine on the legs. Painful, but bearable, I told myself as the waxer ripped the top layer of my skin off from my thighs. And when she did my inside leg and it made me bite my lip from the pain, I forced myself to think about how,

'I have liked pain in the past, even enjoyed it occasionally, and even though this isn't the same as having a cute guy tie my hands above my head and spank my arse, surely I can pretend I am enjoying it?'

and I tried to imagine this was some erotic sexual fetish of mine, that actually I was enjoying it, rather than wincing each time she tugged the hairs from my flesh.

I began to overcome the pain (well the three ibruprofen I took before the session begun, had started to kick in), and I felt like what was to come would be a breeze.

How wrong could I be.



Dreadful awful pain.

Any woman that tells you having her labia waxed is painless is LYING. It's fucking painful. Whilst the waxer was tugging at my poor sensitive pussy, I was praying to a god I don't believe in and asking myself,

'Why? Why am I doing this? What possible reason did I have to put myself through this agony?'

and I was on the verge of tears. Especially when she came to shaping the bottom of the 'strip'. In a brazilian wax, the only hair that isn't removed is a small rectangular strip on the front of the vulva, an inch or two above the clitoris. And it is in between here, above the clit, below the 'strip' where removing the hair is the most painful part of the whole waxing procedure. It's only a small bit of hair that needs to come off, but it is AGONY to remove it. My god.

There I was, naked, legs splayed apart, a strange woman pulling my clit to one side with her fingers and with the other hand inducing the most pain I have ever experienced in that area. It was unbearable, felt like my pussy was burning, which, ironically, it turns out it was: the wax the bitch used was too hot and it burned me, leaving red marks all over my labia which is still sore now. But removing the hair was worse, trust me.

Still, looking at (and feeling) my pussy now, I am glad I got it done. It's so smooth I can hardly stop myself from running my fingers along it all the time. I love how silky it feels and when it's hairless and slick with my wetness, well, yum is all I can say. Really though, if men truly realised what women go through to obtain a sleek, sexy beautiful pussy, they would worship it a little more I reckon. Any male volunteers up for having their balls waxed in solidarity? No? I thought not...

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