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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


The Girl has lost her voice.

Not her writing one (well, hopefully not yet).

No this Girl is under the weather today.

I have razor blades for a throat and cannot speak.

Where once I breathed, there is now agonising hacking emanating from my lungs.

And a fuzzy mess where my brain used to be.

Not the best I have felt: I have only played with myself once today (and that doesn't really count, does it?)

Still, in my usual positively optimistic way, I am fighting furiously to regain who I am, as against how I feel; I am adamant that my health shall win the battle against this nasty virus, and quickly.

Until then, I am dosing up on the usual (echinacea, vitamin c, pornography), and hope to be back to writerly status very soon.


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