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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sex Episode 3: The Teaser (and the right time of the month) 

I was 21 and in a relationship with T, a sweet and funny man, a few years my senior.

We had met a few months prior, become friends and eventually ended up in bed together.

T was the first man I slept with who knew the power of teasing.

When we first had sex, it was enjoyable, fun and satisfying - I had no complaints. But as we got to know each others bodies a little more, things got better, more intense and more heated than I could ever imagine.

I remember being in bed with him one afternoon. I had taken the day off work, ostensibly from bad period pains, but in reality to spend the time with him instead.

So we're lying there, me with stomach cramps, him with a hard-on, snuggling up together. T starts kissing me. I kiss him too, but hold back a little: I was in great pain and not really in the mood for sex, plus I felt a little embarassed about him being intimate with me whilst I was menstruating.

I should point out, that at this point in my life, I was unaware of two things:

1) That an orgasm (or three) helps with the cramp pains that one gets from menstruating
2) That when a woman is on her period, she is usually the horniest she will ever be

Anyway T keeps persisting, kissing me on the neck just where he knows I like it, and I'm neither frigid nor selfish enough to want to deny him a bit of pleasure too, so I respond back. But when his hand moved down between my legs, I tried to dissuade him and moved his hand away.

But he kept on, just lightly touching me, occasionally grazing his finger along the outside of my panties and letting it almost touch my clit. And although the pains in my belly were intense, I began to feel myself getting wet, so I moved in towards him, so that he would have better access to my throbbing pussy. I expected him to slide a finger inside my panties or, at the very least, press and rub my pudenda harder, but he didn't. Instead he backed off, grazed his finger against me even lighter and gentler than before, whilst still kissing me intensely (another sensual kisser, yum).

[I should interject at this point and make a statement about kissing. A good slow, deep, seductive, sensual, sexual kiss can be the very thing that sends someone over the edge in my opinion, perhaps even make them climax. A good snog is like making love to someones mouth with your mouth. And I don't just mean tongue fucking. I mean slow, hot, wet sensuality. A synchronised rhythm. Combined mutual desire. An unspoken wish to be connected, not just by mouth, but by the heated, pulsing organs between your legs too. A good kiss is like someone whispering in your ear that you are the sexiest person they have ever met and that they are dying to fuck you].

Anyhow, T. Kissing me all over and getting me hot. At some point I forgot I was in pain. Probably had something to do with the intense ache that was between my legs. And only he could fix it.

I moved in towards him again, but he moved his hand away, just enough, so that only his thumb gently grazed my clit. I anxiously tried to press myself against his cock instead, so that I could get the stimulation I was craving, but he just laughed and smiled at me. I was confused. Didn't he want me?

But then he slid his hand between my thighs, ran one finger from the bottom of my vulva up to my clit and then reached up to my nipples squeezing them gently. My breath quickened. I wanted his hand back.

I pressed myself closer to him again and he moved in towards me, this time reaching underneath my panties, sliding a finger between my labia.

T: "Oh, I see, it's like that is it?" he says, as he feels my wetness.

I just mumbled, closed my eyes, hoped that he would continue. But then he said,

"Nah, I don't think you're in the mood, may as well stop, I reckon", and he moved his hand away.

Me (grabbing his hand and replacing it between my wet thighs): "Please! Carry on"

So he continued lightly caressing me, getting me hot until I was almost on the brink. And then he stopped again. I looked at him confused. He just grinned cheekily at me, and then slid his hand back in between my legs. I reached in towards him and tried to undo his fly to release his hard cock from the prison of his clothes, but he grabbed my hand and said:

"Not until I think you're ready".

I groaned. I was ready. I wanted him now. I reached in again, rubbed his erection through his jeans. T closed his eyes and moaned softly. Great: now I could have what I wanted. I pulled on his zipper, managed to tug it halfway down, until he got hold of my hand and stopped me, once more.

I thought that maybe he wasn't in the mood and I didn't want to pressurize him in any way, so I let go and just continued kissing him.

T carried on playing with my pussy, alternating between stroking, rubbing and pressing down. He had me on the edge constantly, about to come, but then he would pull back just before I climaxed. My pussy felt hot, heavy and filled with a terrible ache. All I wanted was for him to rip off my panties and stick himself inside me. I was so hot, so horny, so desperate, that I soon heard myself saying,


T stopped: "What was that?"

Me, quietly: "Please"

T: "Please, what?"

Me, even quieter now: "Please, I need it"

T, acting confused: "Need what?"

Me, frustrated: "You know what! Please!"

T: "I really have no idea what you are talking about, do explain"

Even though I was embarrassed by my craven desire, I grabbed his hand, stuffed his fingers into my wetness and said,

"That. Come on, it's not fair. I need to come"

T looked at me, grinning again: "Oh really, so you think you deserve to come then do you?!"

Me, desperate now: "Yes. Come on, stop teasing me, it's mean"

T: "You're easy to tease. You'll come, don't worry. But only when I say you can"

Me, angrily: "What? What're you talking about??" I turn away from him annoyed.

T: "Now now. None of that. You're going to come very soon, don't worry. Are you ready to though?"

I looked at him. Was he mad? I was lying there soaking wet, more desperate than I could ever recall being and he was asking me if I was ready?

Me, sulking: "I am ready, more than ready, I want to, now"

T: "Say it again then"

Me: "What?"

T: "You know". He sits back on his ankles, unzips his jeans, pulls down his briefs, grabs his hard cock in one hand and looks at me. "Do you want it?"

Me: "God yes. Please"

T: "Ah, there you go. Aare you sure you want it now?"

Me: "Please. Oh god I want it. Now."

T: "Are you really sure you want it? Say it"

Me, shyly and quietly: "I want it. God I want your cock. Please give it to me, please"

T moved closer to me, so that the tip of his cock was nestling on my labia.

T: "Say it". He pressed down so that his cock rubbed against me slowly.

Me, shifting my hips trying to get his cock to 'accidentally' fall into me: "Oh god, please. Please give it to me. I need your cock. Please. Fuck me. I can't stand it. Fuck me please"

T: "Well, since you asked so nicely", and with that he pushed himself into me.

If there was a prize for the quickest and most intense orgasm upon insertion of a cock into a pussy, I would have won it, believe me. As soon as T entered me I was convulsing and as he thrusted, my entire body was spasming off the bed. I actually cried from the sheer intensity of it, the release I so needed, was finally upon me, the waves of pleasure so intense, my whole body felt like it was on fire.

Worth the wait. So worth the wait. I never knew that delaying an orgasm could make the final climax so intense. All of T's teasing had paid off. I may have hated him during the process - turning me on, not allowing me to climax - but the payoff at the end was better than any orgasm I had ever had before, and I loved him for giving me that.

The only drawback from such an intense climax was the amount of blood that ended up on his sheets: my orgasm seemed to manage to eject everything I had in me. Nice for me and him (oral back on the cards, yippee), not so good for the dry cleaners whom we left the task of removing the stains: it looked like a murder had been committed...

Next Episode: Learning To Love Blow Jobs

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