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Sunday, February 12, 2006


I've always been cynical about Valentine's day; why emphasise your love for someone over just one day, when it's your actions over the other 364 days in the year that matter?

Not that I am against being romantic: if a guy wants to cook me dinner, gently massage my body with lavender oil and then fuck me slowly all night long, I wouldn't complain. I just don't see why it should only occur once a year. (Fortnightly is fine) (For the meal and massage anyway; if he's not prepared to fuck me at least daily, it'd never work).

Anyway, I have (via the wonderful and gorgeous Anna) discovered this fine site: somewhere you can express your true love for another. Or just laugh so much it hurts (if you're not busy shagging, at least you can have some fun reading and sending these cards).

Though in preference, I'd rather have a good seeing too - and soon.

UPDATE: It appears that quite a few of you are checking out the above site and sending their brilliant e-cards - they really are fabulous, I'm sure you agree.

When you're visiting there, please consider bunging the card designers some dosh via a small paypal donation - after all, they're doing it for free and we're fucking with their bandwidth costs a bit.

(And no, I don't know the creators of the site: I just don't like buggering people). (Although if asked nicely and with plenty of lube provided, I'd be more than happy to oblige).

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