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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


There are drawbacks to being single.

Not having someone to come home to, is one of them; the loneliness of returning from work and entering an empty flat is horrible. As is not being able to cuddle someone and have them make you forget what a shit day you had, as they kiss your forehead and tell you that everything will be ok. And let’s not forget making love; your body intertwined with theirs as you shudder simultaneously in your climaxes and smile at each other – knowing that this moment is about the two of you, the love, the mutual passion.

But the thing I am missing most right now about not having a partner, is this:

Being able to fuck someone without speaking - and still know that they love you.

I long for the brusqueness of a quick, rampant fuck; the furiousness of a horny moment where spontaneity rules, but where there is still intimacy and emotion.

  • Where my partner opens the door and pulls me inside, pushing me forcefully against the wall, kicking the door shut with his foot as he kisses me intently.
  • Where he turns me around and places my hands on the wall; grabbing my hips so I can feel his erection pressed against my arse.
  • Where I hear him unzip himself, and then pull my skirt up.
  • Where he tugs my pants to one side and slides his cock between my legs.
  • Where he pushes himself into me and grabs my arse with his hands.
  • Where he pummels me until I can’t control it any longer and I frantically try to maintain my balance as my orgasms take over.
  • Where I hear him groan and feel him throb as he too lets go.
  • Where we then turn to face each other, smile and say ‘hello’ as we kiss slowly.

There is nothing like the roughness of a hard fuck, blended with the love of a relationship; it is a wonderful and exciting combination. No hard shag with a casual fuckbuddy can ever come close to it. I miss having that intimacy with someone - a lot.

Of course there are other drawbacks to being single, besides being able to have a silent, rampant quickie, but somehow, the fact I haven’t yet been able to model for a partner my new ‘fuck-me’ black leather peep-toe 5-inch stilettos doesn’t really compare.

(Even though they are the sexiest shoes I have ever owned and they have been sitting - unworn - in my cupboard for the last four months).

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