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Sunday, September 12, 2004

I feel robbed...

I woke up this morning with my vibrating balls inside me. No motion left in them, the batteries fully flat. Rubbing my post-Martini head, I recalled staggering into bed last night and cramming them inside me, ready for a quick rub.

And then I must have fallen asleep. Mid-frig. Without orgasming. Outrageous, I know. Almost as rude as a guy rolling over and crashing out after his climax. I felt like arguing with myself: I mean how dare I? Not even having the decency to follow through until I climaxed. And to top it off, the batteries running low; at least they could have lasted til the morning, waking me up with their near silent purr and throb.

No. I woke up with a sore head and a motionless sex toy. Damn. I am not one to let these things get the better of me: I had to restore the equilibrium of the world by having a fast rub and a fantastically explosive climax (x2) before I got out of bed. I felt much better for it, but I've now got to get some new batteries...

Some last minute item packing before I run off to the hotel again:
1 x Vibrator (and extra batteries)
1 x 3 Pack Durex Pleasuremax condoms
1 x Black lace teddy (with quick-open poppers)
2 x Black hold-up stockings
2 x 5 inch heel stilettos (black and brown)
1 x matching Lilac camisole and french knickers
10 x thongs (lacy, see-thru, and tie-string)

As well as all the other things I need for work:
Wet weather wear
Dry weather wear
Cold/hot weather wear
Clothes for rain fx/steam fx/wind fx/any other f-ing fx
Work boots
Work belt
Holsters for every attachment and piece of equipment you care to think of
Earpiece for the couvert headsets for the two-way radios we have to have on set

I wonder which items will provide me with the more interesting week?

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