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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Sometimes a girl just wants to be made love to.

It’s all very well my constantly gagging for a hard shag; faced with the right bloke, it’s not something I would turn down – I do so enjoy a rampant pummelling from a horny man.

But right now, I want to be fucked slowly.

I want to be with a guy that takes his time; someone who wants to discover and explore my body and who wants to caress every inch of me until my skin feels electric.

I want a man who will:

Slide his fingers through my hair as his lips touch mine
Softly stroke my arse, the curve of my back, the nape of my neck
Explore my belly, my hips, the inside of my thighs with soft, sweet kisses
Lightly touch my breasts, drawing circles around my nipples
See the excitement in my eyes as he lowers himself down my body
Hold my hands in his, as his mouth greets my burning desire
Pull me gently onto his face as his soft tongue pleasures me
Squeeze my hand as the first climax hits me and my body convulses
Push his hard cock against my thigh as he moves up my body
Kiss me deeply as he presses his body close to mine
Laugh, as I try to angle myself so his cock will slide into me
Smile as my frustration increases
Position himself so only the tip of his cock is inside me
Make me so desperate that I beg him to fuck me
Lie still and kiss me deeply

And when I cannot stand it any longer, when I am crying out in frustration and desperation, I want him to:

Slide into me as far as he can go
Refuse to move inside me
Make me more frustrated, as I lie there, filled, but unfulfilled
Wait until he and I can stand it no longer
Finally give me what I am begging for

And then I want him to fuck me:

Take me so slowly, the movement is almost imperceptible
Push me to the edge of orgasm, so I am on the verge of tears
Have me on the brink
Not let me come, until he is ready to come
On and on, slow, but steady
Make my heart race
Make me drip
Force my nails into his back

And when he gets near; when he finally feels his own surge approach, only then does he pummel me hard, fucking me with all his might, until our orgasms combine to send simultaneous electricity across both our bodies.

And when we'd stopped shaking and had caught our breath, then he would slide his fingers into mine, kiss me deeply, look into my eyes and smile.

It’s been a long time since I made love. I miss it.

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