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Monday, May 23, 2005

A quickie 

Not that sort, sadly.

Due to a backlog of things to sort out, a proper update is temporarily delayed.

So a favour to ask in the meantime:

My hit counter (at bottom of page) is about to reach 500,000. It would be fabulous if each reader could scroll down and check this, and see if you've hit the magic number. If so, could you please make a screen-grab of it, and email it to me? Many thanks.

I'm not trying to show off here, it's just a little ego-boost for me: a way for you to ensure I get stroked. And if you're looking for a little stroke of your own, I understand this post may point you in that general direction.

Thanks all.

*** UPDATE ***
I have reached my target.
Not just the 500,000 mark (thanks Chad for the screen-grab).
No, I have managed to run 6.2 miles (10km) in only 55 minutes: an objective of mine for a while now.
And that was directly after having a play, so my theory of stamina being increased with more sexual release, still stands.
Now all I have to do, is get it down to under 45 minutes: if I'm gonna run this race, it's gonna be with a fast time and a personal best for me.
Even if it means wanking in the portacabins prior to hitting the tarmac.

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