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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Location location location 

In the toilet at the cinema tonight, I suddenly had a faint memory of a particular cubicle feeling familiar, and when I closed the door behind me, I realised that I had shagged there some years ago.

It got me thinking: what public places have I had sexual encounters in?

Well, that was that one obviously; I recalled the narrowness of the space and my having to bend over the cistern as he fucked me from behind. He could barely thrust in and out, the cubicle was so small. But we managed. And I got a mild spanking too, which was nice.

Then there was the Leicester Square bar toilets. God we were drunk. On White Russians I recall. He followed me into the ladies loo and I attempted to push him down on the seat, so that I could straddle him and sit on his cock. He had other ideas though, and grabbing me by my hair, held me up, lifted my leg, slid it around his waist and fucked me hard against the wall. I lost my favourite watch in that cubicle, and was quite annoyed.

The train station was a great shag. It was winter and I had a long coat on. He stood with his back to the wall and unzipped himself. I lifted my skirt up and he entered me, the coat covering our exposed parts. We both came in under two minutes, which was reassuring due to the amount of commuters, and also convenient since it was bloody freezing and far too cold to fuck outdoors.

The lesbian bar was an interesting experience. A friend and I were drunkenly fooling around in the toilets. I recall we went into the men's, so that we wouldn't be disturbed (women only bar). I think we got as far as sliding fingers inside each other before the bouncer (big mean, strapping woman) hammered on the door demanding we come out. I could smell my friend on my fingers the whole journey home.

Another lesbian encounter was ironically, in a straight bar's toilets. I was with my recently ex-boyfriend, she was gorgeous, and had chatted me up and practically dragged me off into the loos. We then proceeded to snog, fumble, grope and rub, until her friends pulled her off onto the dancefloor. I never saw her again.

Then there was the elevator in a bank in the city. There were 19 floors, so I only had time to suck him off. It was only afterwards that we both realised that there were cctv cameras on us the entire time.

And then there was the shag at work, many years ago. My boyfriend had come to pick me up, but I still had some work to finish off. He sat in my chair and pulled me onto his lap, so that I could use his legs as a seat. Of course his erection was pressed against my bum, and I could hardly help but slide myself around on it, whilst talking on the phone. Since my bosses were also in the office, it got to the point where I could stand it no longer, and I dragged my boyfriend off to the loo. I pulled down his jeans, pushed him onto the seat, sat on his cock and came hard. It was great, but a little frustrating: we both had to stifle our groans and sighs, since the toilet was directly beneath my boss's desk.

Finally the quick drunken rub in a taxi cab. My hand on his cock, three of his fingers inside me. As I climaxed, I had an immediate reflex action of squeezing my legs together tightly. I almost broke his knuckles. He yelped loudly, proclaiming I had crushed his fingers, and proceeded to spend the rest of the journey nursing his hand and moaning. I felt bad, but managed to convince him that if it had been his cock instead, then he would have experienced my vice-like-pussy-grip, something which was immensely pleasurable and that in a short while, he would be experiencing. He stopped complaining after that.

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