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Monday, May 23, 2005


Not that type.

But due to a lack of time and a desire to post something tonight, I have resorted to working my archives.

That way, new readers can enjoy some older posts, and older readers can get reaquainted with my words of wisdom.

And I get to go to bed early.


So here's an excerpt from back in November, about my thoughts on penis size:

The pros and cons of differences in cock size

a) It fills me up and I feel like I am getting 'fucked'
b) It pushes against my cervix and stimulates my womb
c) It pulls on my labia and thus indirectly stimulates my clit
d) It looks beautiful when hard underneath jeans
e) In fact it looks beautiful full stop
f) I feel like a girl when I hold it, or put it in my mouth
g) It can reach any position, any angle, any depth

a) Being filled up can hurt and prevent me getting fucked hard
b) Pushing against my cervix constantly can be painful and annoying
c) It can rub my labia too intensely making me sore
d) It doesn't rub my g-spot
e) I can't get it all in my mouth
f) It can be more labourious to give a hand job
g) Not all positions can be comfortable
h) Forget about anal: no chance that is gonna fit in there mate

a) I can get fucked as hard as I like and want
b) It can rub against my g-spot
c) The length of it can rub against my labia and tickle my clit
d) I can get it all in my mouth without choking
e) Easier to give a hand job - if it fits into one fist
f) Holding it makes me feel powerful and sexy
g) It feels wonderful inside my arse

a) It doesn't fill me up, sometimes it's hard to feel it
b) It doesn't push against my cervix
c) It doesn't always show through jeans when hard
d) I can't always feel it pressed up against me with clothes on
e) Using fingers (not whole hand) can be frustrating when stroking it
f) Spooning can be difficult
g) As can face-to-face penetration
h) As can fucking whilst standing up

But I really don't give a fuck either way. Cock is cock is cock. Big, small, wide, narrow: they are all the same. If I had to choose, I would say I would like to be with a man who is happy with who he is and what he looks like and isn't afraid to explore his desire or mine than with a guy who was endowed one way or the other.

Talk amongst yourselves why don't you.

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