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Monday, April 18, 2005

Country Girl 

Had a wonderful time out of the city:

The sun shone.

The air was fresh.

The hills were lush.

And the orgasm I had whilst sitting in the middle of a field was amazing.

Not that that was what I had expected or planned even. My aim was to go for a refreshing walk; clear my head and breathe in some oxygen. The last thing on my mind was outdoors masturbation in broad daylight.

It had started off so well:

I strolled lazily along the beach, taking in the rolling waves and soft sand.

I climbed the sand dunes and surveyed the surroundings: green hills behind me, the ocean in front of me, clear blue skies all round.

I followed a little path that led between the fields and discovered a bench on it, that allowed me a view of the local houses, the ocean, and the back of the sand dunes.

I sat there, with the sun beating down on me, the wind whistling in my hair and the sound of a buzzard overhead looking for prey.

It was absolutely gorgeous.

I felt relaxed.

I felt calm.

I felt... horny.


What's a Girl to do?

I tried to ignore how I was feeling, and instead attempt to focus on the beautiful surroundings, rather than on the throbbing sensation between my legs.

No luck. It was as if sex was imprinted on my brain: when I looked at the fields, I imagined sitting on top of a guy, riding him, our nakedness contrasting with the lush greenness; when I looked at the ocean, I imagined being shoulder deep in the water, my legs wrapped around a guy's hips, his cock thrusting inside me; when I looked at the sand dunes, I imagined a guy standing before me, his jeans undone, me on my knees, his cock in my mouth.

I sat on the bench and my pussy throbbed: something had to be done - and fast.

I unzipped my jeans, slid my hand between my legs, and not caring who could see me on this narrow country lane, I frigged myself into oblivion, resulting in an explosive climax a minute later.

After I stopped convulsing, I relaxed back and watched the rest of nature continue. The buzzard gave up hunting. The waves continued pounding the shores. The sun carried on beating down on me.

I felt like I was blessed: there's nothing like an outdoor wank in broad daylight amongst the green hills to make one feel alive.

Call it getting to know nature more intimately; I plan on doing this with much more regularity...

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