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Monday, April 11, 2005


Things I recall:

Eating a lovely meal he cooked for me
Laughing as I spilt red wine on my top
Making a joke about using my tongue piercing to scoop out the inside of a Crème egg
Drinking glass after glass of red wine
Downing two double shots of Absinthe
Playing footsie under the table with him
Seeing my other friends smoking cigarettes out the living room window as he sat there, with his hard cock in his hand and said to me, “Suck my cock. Please. Suck it. Now.”
Everyone else going home or to bed.
Our knocking everything off the kitchen table as we kissed
Us moving to the couch
His fingers inside me
My climaxing
Putting a condom on him
Him asking me whether I liked to be submissive
Him fucking me from behind
My waking up
Running to the bathroom to vomit violently
Lying down
His fingers in my arse
My climaxing
My attempting to put a condom on him, but he already had one on
His fucking me up the arse
My begging him to “fuck me harder” as I held on to the couch arms
My climaxing hard
Waking up with the sunlight burning my eyelids and him smiling at me
Feeling like a woman again after months of nothing
Having the most intense throbbing agonising pain in my head
Rubbing my hands over his cock trying to get him to slip it in between my legs
Falling asleep again
Upon waking, telling him that I felt I had to explain my doing Anal with him.
a) That I had only done it with one person before
b) That I was in love with them, and it was a special intimate thing for me
c) That I had only done it a couple of times with them
d) That I was amazed that the alcohol had made me so enthusiastic about his doing it
e) That I was going to blog about it, to try to understand why I had done something so intimate with someone I hardly knew

Things I don’t recall:

How I got all the bruises on my arms and legs
Whether or not I sucked his cock at the table
Taking off my or his clothes, but leaving my stockings on
Sucking his cock
Playing with his cock
His licking my pussy
His playing with my pussy
What he felt like inside me
Whether he climaxed
How many times and when, I blacked out
How long we had sex for
What time we fell asleep

Things I regret:

Drinking so much. Never again will I:
a) Drink 1.5 bottles of red wine
b) Drink 2 doubles of Absinthe
c) Mix wine and Absinthe
Not remembering the events of the night
Not knowing whether he climaxed (though I am pretty sure he did)
Doing something as intimate as Anal with someone I had no feelings for
Shagging him under the influence
Ruining my friend’s lovely white tablecloth with red wine

Things to look forward to:

Limiting the drinking, especially if sex is on the cards
No longer feeling ill, days later
Shagging him in daylight with no alcohol involved
Being able to remember everything
Eating some more delicious meals
Getting to know him a bit more

[The list will have to wait]

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