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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It might have been more than two years since I lost my anonymity but I still get a little thrown when someone I've never met before greets me by saying, "Oh I know who you are, I've been reading your blog from the early days," and then mentions a memorable post from way back that they particularly enjoyed reading. Knowing the exact post they reference, I then blush and mumble and revert to a default position of shyness whilst attempting to change the subject onto something that doesn't involve me, someone else's fingers, or my very wet knickers.

I suppose the context of where the comment was made - I'm in San Francisco at a Tech Conference for Internet startups - took me off guard a little (I'm not representing sexblogging in any way), but then I guess geeks were reading blogs before the rest of the planet jumped on the bandwagon, so, whilst mildly embarrassed, I'm also quite chuffed by this web personality saying they're a long-time reader of the blog.

Of course, BlogBoy will most likely be delighted when I inform him that his wandering hands have made such an impression on people other than myself. I'm sure he'd also find it hilarious that there is now a Tesco Metro on the exact spot on Holloway Road that we had that escapade; in some small way I suppose there is a blue plaque to commemorate the fun we shared that night.

Well, a supermarket sign beats a graffiti tag saying "BlogBoy fingered The Girl here", anyway.

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