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Saturday, September 06, 2008


Sometimes I hate being skilled in reading people's body language. I often wish I could look at a person's interaction with completely fresh eyes, and not be able to interpret their interest, or otherwise, in me. It would be so nice to spend time with someone and wonder what their tapping foot meant; or their averted gaze; or the micro-expression produced with the quick downward turn of their mouth. But instead, I absorb, analyse,
acknowledge. My brain clickity-clicks into action and the motors of intuition instantly kick in. I almost always know when someone enjoys my company: their body speaks volumes, even when clothed. And I almost always know when they don't: their body betrays whatever complimentary words they might say. So rather than return home with a hope of potential interest tonight, I've already accepted that the body language I saw made it clear I was disliked. And, stupid though it is, I can't help but find myself wondering: am I –or have I become– much more boring in person than online?

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