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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Want to know where all the fit thirty-something men are?

Apparently they are all jogging in my local park of an evening.

Which is rather convenient.

True, a (possibly large) proportion of them are likely to be gay (and sadly not up for a MMF threesome were I to suggest it) (probably). It's also true that not many of them are likely to be single. But doing the maths (a girl needs to know the difference between probability and chance), the fact that I spotted over twenty sexy men jogging last night, would lead me to calculate that out of those, at least three might be available: more than enough for any girl (simultaneously, one-on-one, whatever).

Problem was, it's a little bit difficult to stop and chat to a guy when:
1) You're running in the opposite direction to them
2) You're red-faced and hot and sweaty (only a good look when you're riding a guy's cock)
3) You're plugged into your ipod, listening to the upcoming single from your current favourite band The Departure (touring soon, hurrah) and are so captivated by the music that you fail to notice the handsome man who crosses your path until it's too late.

So, to the sexy dark-haired bloke with glasses and the cute blond guy, sorry I didn't pause to chat: I was a bit preoccupied with finishing my run. But thank you both for stopping to smile at me and continuing to do so, even when I was some way in the distance: that boosted my ego a lot.

And now I know just how many of you fit men are out there running in the early evening, I think you'll be seeing rather more of me. Same time next week gentlemen?

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