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Sunday, May 27, 2007


A blogger's worst nightmare...

A survivor of the July 7th London bombings, fellow blogger Rachel North has been continually and cruelly stalked, harassed and libelled by a woman called Felicity Jane Lowde. I can name this perpetrator because on April 2nd 2007 she was found guilty of repeated stalking and harassment of Rachel. Unfortunately Lowde did not turn up for sentencing at court and is now on the run and wanted by police. Lowde is believed to be hiding out in London, where she breaches her bail conditions by continuing her campaign of harassment of Rachel, frequenting internet cafes (and possibly libraries) to do so.

This is where you can help. If you are in London and spot Lowde, please contact the Metropolitan police on 020 7230 1212 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 stating that you have a sighting of Felicity Jane Lowde, convicted stalker/harasser, who is wanted for arrest and sentencing.


Do not approach Lowde. Rachel states, "Please do not do anything that could jeopardise Lowde's safety, or her arrest and sentencing. Please do not respond to her or anything she says. Please just help the police do their job of bringing her to justice, and hopefully getting her the psychiatric assistance she needs." So if you do spot her, just note her location, try to get a photograph of her on your mobile phone (if you can) and then immediately report her to police.

I'm not normally one for these 'internet campaigns', but I think everyone can sympathise with what Rachel has had to go through over the last 400 days. I would not wish Rachel's traumatic experience on anyone and for that reason I call on your assistance and solidarity in finding Lowde and putting an immediate end to her stalking and harassment.

Thanks for your help.

UPDATE: Read this fascinating piece about Narcissistic Personality Disorder - and how Felicity Jane Lowde's stalking of Rachel (and other people) fits this psychopathological behaviour profile perfectly. This woman clearly needs treatment: let's hope she is found soon, so she can be helped.

UPDATE II: Convicted stalker Felicity Jane Lowde has now been caught and is in custody awaiting sentencing and psychiatric assessment. Fingers crossed she now obtains the help she needs - and that her stalking and harrassment of people now ends, permanently.

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