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Monday, September 05, 2005

Finger: part one 

“I want you to do something for me when you go to the toilet”

Trying to cover my slight confusion at his statement, I smiled. “What is it that you want me to do?”

He leant in towards me, and said softly, “I want you to put your finger inside yourself, so that I can taste you when you return”.

My pussy tingled. I thought about what he asked and took a deep breath, before replying, “I think that can be arranged”

He smiled at me, and grinning back at him shyly, I kissed him once more and then made my way to the loo.

Having been dying for a piss for the last half hour, I was eager to go before I fulfilled his request, but I found myself in some difficulty: with a wet and swollen pussy it was practically impossible to urinate.

‘So, this is what it’s like trying to pee with an erection’, I thought to myself, as I focussed on attempting to squeeze out even the smallest bit of urine; feeling as if I had a hard-on myself, my clit was so engorged.

But eventually - some minutes later - squeeze it out I did, and when done, I set to work on the task set to me.

Being the first time I have received such a request, I was wondering what the procedure should be:

  • Which finger should I use?
  • Should it be more than one?
  • Is it right to fully insert it, or should I just rub it against my soaked vulva?
  • How wet should the finger be?
  • Knuckle-deep in juice?
  • Or just an elegantly moist fingertip?

Questions questions.

I rubbed myself absentmindedly as I pondered these thoughts, knowing that he would shortly be tasting me, discovering how turned on I was, after my having been soaking wet for the last hour.

I was sharply snapped out of this delightful fantasy, when someone knocked on the toilet door, demanding that I hurry up. I quickly had to finish the task: I slipped my middle finger deep inside myself, soaked it in my juices, and made my way back where he was seated.

As I approached him, it suddenly struck me, that I didn’t know the proper etiquette for this interaction. Was I supposed to just hold out my finger to him, and say,

“Here you go, fresh pussy juice for you”?

Or perhaps, slide my finger under his nose, and ask,

“Like the smell?”

Or maybe, just show him my wet finger and then wipe the juice off on something?

Why wasn’t there a rule book about such things? How was a well-brought-up girl like me, supposed to offer a finger covered in her own pussy juice to a guy she barely knew? What was the acceptable and polite procedure?

I felt so English as I made my way through the crowded bar and approached him; for all my sex-fiendishness, I still felt uncomfortable, awkward and embarrassed.

But there was no need.

He smiled at me as I got near and began to kiss me as I sat down next to him. And as our kiss got deeper and more passionate, I lifted my hand to his face, and slowly wiped my wet finger across his lips; finding the tip of it with his tongue, he then pulled it into his mouth and began to suck hard on it.

Feeling his hot mouth devouring my juices made me want him even more and with my finger sliding between our mouths, I kissed him deeply, tasting myself on his lips as I did so.

It turned me on so much. And when he whispered in my ear,

“You taste delicious”,

I wanted to rip off his trousers, pull down his pants, and after sliding his cock into my mouth, repeat this statement back to him.

But we were in a well-lit crowded bar, and I very much doubt that displaying genitalia or participating in public sex acts would have been considered acceptable behaviour there.

Although, later on, we discovered that there were some fun things we could do without anyone noticing, even though people were sitting just inches away from us.

It certainly helped that I wasn't wearing any underwear at the time.

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