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Saturday, May 13, 2006


‘I want you to watch me wank’ he said and motioned for me to sit astride his legs, as he grabbed his cock in one hand and began to stroke it.

Aroused by his confident directness, I shifted my weight and straddled him, ensuring that his thigh was in direct contact with my groin; knowing that it would turn me on to watch him play with himself. I find it so erotic to be privy to a man’s personal method of self-pleasure; what better way to learn new/better handjob techniques, than to watch a man giving himself some loving hand-action?

So I sat there as he grabbed, tugged and pulled away, even though I was knackered and wanted to go to sleep. But five orgasms in, I felt like the least I could do, was to assist him with his pleasure, so I leant over him, pressed my breasts together and gently slid them over his cock.

‘Fuck, your tits are fantastic’ he exclaimed, as my nipples rubbed against him. ‘Sit up; I want to look at you’.

I leaned back and he groaned loudly. ‘God you’re gorgeous; you have such a sexy body, do you know that?’

I grinned at him in silent thanks, and watched him tugging merrily away at his member. He smiled at me, and I could tell from his fast breathing that he was close. I thought he might need some help to send him over the edge, so I licked my finger and teased his arsehole a little. He groaned again and lifted his hips off the bed, thrusting into both his hand, and my finger.

It wasn’t long before he was shooting all over the place. I gripped his balls as he climaxed and watched the spunk rhythmically flying over his abdomen and chest.

‘Ouch!’ he exclaimed suddenly, and shifted his body away from my grasp; I worried that maybe I had tugged him too hard. ‘Are you OK?’ I asked, gently stroking him. ‘Did I hurt you?’

‘No, not at all’ he replied. ‘I think I just got some in my eye’. I looked up and saw him wiping away the spunk he had managed to shoot all over his face.

I have to say that although facials are definitely not my thing, the sight of him covered in his own juices was a sight to behold; it made me want to have a little play myself.

I’m all for more equality in the bedroom you see - especially if it’s the guy getting spunked on.

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