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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I'm at a friend's place on their computer, thought I'd quickly log on, check some other blogs and do my email. Whilst browsing, I read Anna's blog and in her comments, found this link on blogging plagiarism.

After a brief google search on some random text, I am now fuming. Absolutely fucking livid. And not because I am sexually frustrated.

Why am I so annoyed? Because I have just discovered not one but three websites have stolen my blog posts in their entirety - as well as all my archives - and not attributed any of my words to me. Not even given me a link or text credit.

I cannot describe how angry this makes me. I have written this blog for over two years, I put time and energy into it only to have some fucker steal my words and pretend they are their own. There was me thinking that the copyright notice at the bottom of this page would be enough; that people would respect my work and ask permission if they wanted to quote from it. I never thought that there would be arseholes who would copy it - word for word - and claim it as their own.

Maybe I was naive to believe that, but I really didn't think such people existed; to steal someone else's words is an anathema to me. I am stunned that this has happened.

Bar physically hurting someone to vent my anger, I'm not sure there is anything I can do about this plagiarism. It's frustrating, but my hands are tied - and sadly not in the way I would like.

It's enough to make me want to stop blogging.


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