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Friday, April 28, 2006


'Guess who's here?' the unexpected email greeted me. 'Long time no see! You busy? I'm in town for a couple of days, be great to see you - feel like some fun?!'

I recalled the last time I saw him, over a year ago. He had demanded I sat on his face most of the night. It was rather delightful. Then I thought about what his cock would feel like in my mouth again and with wet pants, I emailed him straight back.

'Hey, what a nice surprise. I actually have some free time for once - let's meet.'

Figuring that his time in London would be brief, I also included my mobile number in the message: if we were going to hook up, it would have to be done quickly.

Three days later, he still hadn't contacted me back, either by email or by phone, by which point I knew that he had already left London and returned home.

I also knew I wouldn't hear from him again for a long time. And when I did, he wouldn't recall his lack of response to my email reply and would think nothing of the fact that he was the one who initiated meeting, only to not take up the possibility when it was presented to him.

I'm not particularly annoyed by this; we've been fuckbuddies for long enough for us each to deal with plans that don't happen and meetings that fall through. I know not to expect anything from him, so I am not that disappointed by his lack of courtesy in not replying.

But what I am pissed off about, is that I was this close to getting eaten out all night and being fucked rampantly, and to then have that offer removed, is not just rude on his part but very frustrating on mine.

If there's one thing that gets me in a bad mood, it's a pussy tease: it's no way to leave a woman like me, frustration is not something I deal with well.

Unless of course, it was done within the context of my being tied up in bed, licked all over without being allowed to climax, and then finally given some release after hours of build-up - which is a different thing altogether.

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