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Friday, September 09, 2005

Finger: part three 

“I’m not sure I can take much more of this” I said, as my thumb circled the tip of his cock.

He moaned as his cock stiffened against my touch and looked at me, the frustration in his eyes clearly showing.

I had been a little cruel. Not intentionally, but given the rather public surroundings, and my female physiology, it was far easier for him to secretly have his fingers inside me, than it was for me to have my hand around his cock.

So, instead, for the last half an hour, I had surreptitiously hidden my hand underneath his shirt and was gently rubbing his swollen cock through his jeans with my fingers.

He groaned again, and I felt his cock stiffen against my thumb as I pressed against his cock head.

“God your cock is hard” I remarked, slightly shocked by the response I was getting from the light touch I was giving him. “This is driving me crazy; I just want to take it out now and grab it”

He responded by sliding his fingers further inside me, making me shiver and shake once more.

“Fuck, I can’t stand this” I said, as I pressed my palm down onto his throbbing cock, “I want your cock inside me now

“I want to be inside you too” he said, grinning, before giving me a long kiss.

As his tongue danced in my mouth, I tried to think.

Ok, so I had already crossed the friendship barrier, by giving him my finger covered in my pussy juices. I had most definitely pushed professional boundaries by orgasming four times on his hand, as he rubbed me. Would having his cock inside me have any more meaning, other than giving me the pleasure I had been craving all night?

There was no turning back. I had to fuck him – and fast.

I leaned over to him and whispered “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“The lavatory?”

“Yes. We’ve both got condoms on us, after all”

He grinned.

I continued, somewhat excitedly: “You could follow me in, and have a seat on the toilet. I could just lift my dress and then sit on your cock. How does that sound?”

“I’m not going to be able to last long” he warned me, “not after all this”. He motioned to my thumb still tracing the outline of his hard cock.

“Neither am I” I said, pressing down harder, “but I need to feel your cock inside me”

He nodded. “Sounds good to me”.

He removed his hand from my pussy as I started to get up. “You do realise you are going to leave a huge wet patch on the seat, don’t you?” he joked, mocking me.

“Fuck it, its leather, no-one will notice” I responded, somewhat unconvincingly, as I worried I could see a small puddle of liquid I had left on the couch, being reflected by the ceiling lights.

“Your dress is fine” he said, noticing me trying to adjust it, and at the time I believed him, so just walked straight into the toilet.

He followed me in and within moments we were locked in the cubicle, his hands freeing my breasts from my dress and bra, my hands tearing down his jeans to free his cock.

There was barely enough room for one person to stand, let alone two people to fuck, but we managed it.

And as he entered me and I heard him groan, I felt my orgasm build and increase in its immensity; the moment he released his, I let go, grabbing hold of him hard as I came like a fucking train.

We sat there, sweaty, shaking and laughing, the release we had both needed, finally happening. But when he then started to play with my nipples, he set me off again, and gripping hold of him, I came hard once more

“Sorry about that” I said, “you started me up again, I knew there was one more waiting to come out. Six orgasms in one night – I think I owe you. Perhaps we should try this again sometime, without the confines of a toilet cubicle”

He agreed and laughed and kissed me once more.

After a little while, we disconnected, fixed our clothing and left the bar, and saying goodnight, I made my way to my night bus.

It was only when I sat down that I realised just how wrong he had been about my dress. Not only was it absolutely soaked, but looking at it later, I discovered my come all over it too.

Not a bad thing, but it certainly explained all the stares I got from people as I made my way home.

Right, that’s your lot. A triple-parter to get by with; and enough material in my archives to catch up on or re-read. Which is a good thing, since I am off on a short break and thus updating here shall be very sporadic for a while.

However, if you miss hearing about my adventures, you can always have a read of my friend Lex’s blog whilst I am away: no doubt I’ll be appearing there over the next few weeks, and I’m sure his description of our meeting/s will be far more accurate and up-to-date than mine.

Be good until I get back.

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