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Monday, June 13, 2005


I am fed up.

I'm practically at my wits end.

I feel like it's all out of my control.

My sports bra doesn't support me and I need some help.

That's right. There I am, pounding away on the streets, trying to train hard, but my breasts just keep jiggling all the time.

Now, this may seem like fun to some people - a little tit wobble hurt no-one right?

Wrong. It does hurt. Plus I don't really want to be facing my later years with stretched, droopy mammaries just because I am busy training in my thirties: it seems like a high price to pay for keeping fit/running in a race.

The worst of it though, is the attention I get whilst running on the streets of London. Every fucking bloke cops a look at my chest. And what do they say, as I run past them?

'Can't get many of those to the pound!'
'Nice tits luv!'
'Want me to give them a squeeze?!'
and to his mate, 'Blimey, look at them!'

This was just during my run today, and I could hear them say all this even with We Are Scientists blaring out of my ipod headphones.

It's enough to make a girl want to hide herself away, or just go jogging in her local park, like a coward. Seriously. I know I have talked about men looking at my breasts before, and granted my tits are not small, but there is a time and a place for scoping a look at them: in a bar or pub I can understand, on the street whilst I am running is not a good time. It just makes me feel self-conscious and annoyed.

I have tried to get good sports bras. I even invested in a Berlei bra and discovered Anna Kournikova was lying when she said 'Only the ball should bounce' in their ad campaign. I was wobbling all over the place in that bra. But then I should have known that before I bought one, since her tits are far smaller than mine and those bras are obviously marketed at similar sized women.

I have even resorted to wearing tight tops on top of the bras to add support, but this doesn't seem to help either, it adds to the uncomfortability factor and makes the extra weight I have to carry more painful.

So, what should I do? Are there any female readers with DD+ breasts who do high-impact training and can recommend a decent bra? Should I be worrying about droopage? If I find a bra that clamps my breasts to my chest so that they remain static, will men still shout at me as I run past them?

This, and the answers to life, the universe and everything will be summed up in my comments box shortly. (I hope).

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