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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Queen of Procrastination

I should be a busy woman right now - especially seeing as I have more time on my hands. There's a whole heap of things I ought to be filling my time with:

Doing an Autumn clean in my flat, bagging up stuff for charity
Attempting to become a Minimalist and clearing out some furniture/junk, ditto for charity
Finally get some laminate flooring down (after years of living with floorboards)
Buying some curtains/blinds and get 'em up (apologies to my neighbours, now used to seeing my naked ass walking around my flat)
Buying new sheets and pillowcases for my bed
Painting my bedroom
Seeing my friends/family/colleagues
Catching up with movies
Going to the gym (its been too long)
Getting rid of the cold/flu that I've had all week (no amount of echinacea/vitamin C/ginseng/Lemsips have killed it)
Getting my car fixed
Sorting out my tax/NI
Chasing work (just how many ways can I say "please hire me"? Damn this freelance life)
Writing a script (how long has it been since I put words on a page? Minus this blog of course)

But no. Instead of doing that, I have been occupied by the sexual thoughts running through my mind. My playing has reached absurd proportions recently; 4/5 times a day. I don't even think I am that horny, I seem to be stratching an itch out of boredom, rather than out of rampant desire.

Its almost as if I resort to playing with myself as an avoidance tactic so I don't have to face all the things I should be doing instead. Masturbation by default. Lazy wanking. And a waste of my time; its not like I am acheiving anything from it - just a pointless poke culminating in a semi-satisfying orgasm.

I think I need help - its 2.30am, I am finishing off this post, then surfing the net for more 'material' before heading to bed for number 6 - it ain't all fun and sunshine being a Girl with a one-track mind...

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