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Monday, October 18, 2004

Fantasy number 1

I've been preparing for SP and I's next meeting - a night where we act out the others fantasy. There are so many things I want to try with him, its hard to decide what to start with/suggest first. Suffice to say I've had plenty on my mind (and on my hands) the last few days. However, I have managed to work my thoughts into a shortlist, a 1 -5 series if you will. I shall blog about them with the view to narrowing them down to a couple of scenarios decided via feedback from readers. The first idea is as follows:

I enter his flat wearing a long black coat, tied at my waist. All that is visible is my stockinged toes poking through my slingback heels. I walk into the lounge. He is seated on the couch, naked. We look at each other but don't speak. I turn away from him, undo my coat, let it drop to the floor. I notice the television on, porn playing, no sound. I turn back, he looks me up and down, sees I have no underwear on beneath my black basque, grips his cock in his hand.

I walk over to him, stand in front of him, and watch him tug at his hard cock. His eyes flit from me to the tv and back again. Our eyes meet. My hand ventures south. His eyes drop and follow my fingers as they make their way between my legs. I hear him moan, and as I feel my own wetness I gasp. I see him stroke himself faster and I lean in to him.

He thinks I am going to sit on top of him and he raises his arms to grab my hips in anticipation, but I have other ideas. I kneel before him, run my hands up his thighs and begin kissing his throbbing cock. He moans and looks down at me as I lick his cock; he strokes my hair as I slide it deep into my wet mouth. I look up at him and see him watching me and I suck harder.

He lies back on the couch and closes his eyes, then opens them again, begins watching the porn on the tv. The beautiful women getting fucked. His cock in my mouth. He looks back to me, my lips gripping him, turns back to the tv, fast fucking, hot sex. He feels me moving against him, looks down, sees one of my hands frantically rubbing myself, the other clenched around him, my mouth moving back and forth along his cock. The vision, the sound, the sensation. He is near. So am I. And when we both explode, we collapse together arm in arm whilst the porn continues playing on the tv...

So? Comments please.

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