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Friday, July 14, 2006


It’s been said by people that know me, that I have a busy mouth. This I cannot deny: I enjoy exercising my lips, it’s true. However, even though I will, at any potential opportunity, spout off about things – politics, sex and film being the usual suspects – I’m not often one for blowing my own trumpet (I prefer to blow other, more pleasurable, things).

This may sound contradictory coming from me, a blogger who eagerly talks about her sex life, but that’s the whole thing about being anonymous: I can be as self-absorbed and ego-centric as I like (and appear, no doubt) on my blog, but in the offline world, people – my friends and family – will be none the wiser. I may come across on paper like an arrogant prat sometimes, but hopefully, face-to-face, I’m not completely narcissistic. (I like to think my neuroses balance out my ego).

What I’m trying to say, is that because none of my friends know I am doing this blog, they are also – sadly - unable to share in my joy of it; not just the pleasure I take in writing it, but also in the positive ways it has recently created opportunities for me. So whilst I would love to tell them my news, in order to protect my anonymity I can’t.

All of which brings me (somewhat neatly and hopefully not completely cynically), to a little bit of good news that I’d like to share. In an ideal world, I’d be calling my mates right now and saying ‘guess what?!’, but given all the above, you’ll have to put up with my minor moment of self-promotion instead.

My book is being serialised in the Sunday Times Style magazine this Sunday, 16th July. Since it is a family newspaper, the erotic content will have understandably been edited from the featured extracts, but I think it’ll offer a good insight into my writing.

So for those of you who‘d be interested in reading an exclusive preview of the book, you know where to find it. And for those who think I am an ego-centric, arrogant fucker for promoting this so blatantly, well, maybe you’re right, but I’ve got no-one else to tell, so cut me some slack, OK?

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