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Sunday, May 31, 2009


1. Amazing: the amount of pain I've been in from my dislocated shoulder. Turns out my long-standing chronic Hypermobility Syndrome, whilst great for fucking doggie style, also has some drawbacks. Now an acute condition, my shoulder dislocates on the smallest movement - even lifting a cup of coffee can remove the joint from its socket - and is incredibly painful. So, for the last two months, trying to write has been a struggle. Which leads me to: -

2. Amazing:
the number of angry complaints I've received from people, commenting, emailing or tweeting me, who are annoyed I haven't updated the blog in so long. The reason I've not been updating here is because every less-painful minute I have had has been spent writing my new book. Because of my injury, it's been a very slow, laborious, and painful process: just typing a few sentences hurts. Have some patience, people. A little compassion too wouldn't go amiss.

3. Amazing: the wonderful man who recently entered my life and brought with him a ray of sunshine that has warmed my heart. We're both totally and utterly smitten with each other and I truly am lucky to have met him. I'm also lucky that he - unlike many other people - has superhuman patience, and is calmly waiting for me to finish writing. Me, I'm gnawing off my own knuckles in frustration - well I would, if lifting my hands didn't hurt my shoulder so bloody much...

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