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Monday, November 26, 2007


‘How did you sleep?’ asked my lovely hosts Mike and K in unison.

‘Well I had some extremely vivid dreams, but I did sleep well: it’s so good to get out of the noise and grime of London and be somewhere quiet and clean for a change.’

I munched on my toast for a moment and then had a sudden flash of déjà vu.

‘Oh my god, I’m remembering my dream. Sylar was in it.’

‘Sylar ‘eh?’ K grinned, no doubt recalling the previous night's conversation where I had detailed my boy-boy crush about Sylar and Peter Petrelli and how hot I had found the fight scene between them both.

I pondered for a moment as vivid memories flooded my head.


‘What?’ Mike looked up from his coffee.

‘That really was some dream…’

‘Why? What happened?’

‘Sylar was about to kill everyone – as he is wont to do – and he was summoning all his powers to do that. I had to quickly find a way to distract him: people’s lives were at risk.’

‘What did you do?’

I blushed. ‘Um, I convinced him he wanted to fuck me.’

Mike laughed. ‘Did it work?!’

‘Well... I straddled him and felt his cock get hard under my crotch, so yeah, I think he was warming up to the idea.’

‘And then?’

‘He was in the midst of using his telekinesis, so objects were flying around the room and I knew it was just a matter of time before he killed me – and everyone else too. But somehow I managed to persuade him it wasn’t in his interest to kill anyone.’


‘Er... By dry-humping him until he had an orgasm. He seemed plenty distracted by that.’

‘Ha! I bet he was. And you?’

‘Oh, I climaxed too - of course. And whilst I was grinding against him everyone else managed to escape, so all in all it all turned out well.’

‘That’s some skill you had in your dream, managing to stop Sylar by dry-humping him and you to orgasm; like some kind of special power.’

‘What, like one of the Heroes?’

‘Yeah: your secret weapon against the evil forces.’

‘“The Girl: saving the world, one fuck at a time.” Ha! Some gift that would be…’

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