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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rude Girls 

Just a quick thank you to all the people who turned up to my talk at the Soho Theatre last night. I was pretty gobsmacked that the event was sold out (probably due to the plug here no doubt, thanks Time Out!) and was gutted that some of my friends were turned away at the door (but obviously very chuffed that a few did get seats and were there to support me, cheers all). It was really lovely to have such a warm welcome from the audience, which was some relief given that prior to the talk my nerves were getting the better of me, and (bar a double whisky) I couldn't keep anything down.

It went well, I think, and I actually enjoyed myself immensely. It seemed such a shame that the event ended after an hour and a half because Rowan and I were really having fun at that point and we both agreed that we could have continued the discussions well into the night. We still covered a lot in that 90 minutes though and I am really pleased that debates about body image, female vs feminist politics and 'women's' magazines, occurred alongside the discussions about female sexuality, promiscuity and 'Raunch Culture'. I was very impressed by the questions from the audience and only wish we had had the time to answer more. Thanks to everyone who asked a question from the floor and apologies to those who did not get the chance to contribute.

And to the women who approached me afterwards wanting to know why I thought so many women are misogynists and attack and undermine other women - in addition to what I said last night, and in my recent Guardian piece, about how in-fighting between women benefits the patriachy because it means they are not challenging the status quo or their position in society - I would also say this: I don't know why women feel they have to cut other women down and it saddens me greatly. Depressingly, and for reasons I fail to grasp, you can almost guarantee that
once this post about my doing this public talk goes up on the blog, there will be some vitriolic/envious/bitter responses from other bloggers and readers, many of whom, sadly, will be other women.

Still, meeting all those like-minded folk last night gives me hope: not all women are bitchy and backstabbing and some of us, indeed many of us, want to have an open and progressive dialogue about female (and male) sexuality. So thanks again to everyone who came along, I hope you got as much out of the evening as I did.

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