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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I will be doing a reading, talk and Q&A about the book, sex writing and feminism on Second Life ('Elysian Isle' - co-ordinates 122, 208, 25) in two weeks time: 28th November 8:00pm GMT, 12:00pm SL time. This is a quick invitation to any readers who would be interested in joining me for a chat on the night; I'll post more details about the talk nearer the date, so sign up to Second Life now (it's free).

I am very excited about this event because the book started its life online, so to be doing a writer's workshop about it within this virtual world strikes me as a natural progression (for the blog, not me: I am a total newbie in the whole avatars walking and talking thing). I'm still getting to grips with how Second Life works, (and desperately need some new clothes) so if you see me wandering around aimlessly (my username is AbbyLee Aeon), do say hello and feel free to offer suggestions/advice, cheers.

See you (or your pixels) in two weeks.

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