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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


"Look, I have to say, I know who you are."


The hotel receptionist grinned at me sheepishly. "You. I know about you."

"About me?" What might he know? That I'm so clumsy I always trip up on my feet (even when I am not in heels, or drunk)? That I usually end up with crumbs of food in my cleavage at the end of a meal? Or, perhaps, how I tend to burp rudely when I've drunk too much whisky of a night? What did he know?

He slowly nodded at me. "Yes, you, the book, everything."

"Oh." I bit my lip awkwardly, suddenly feeling uncomfortable as it dawned on me what he was saying. "Um, how come you know?"

"I recognised your name on the list we got from the TV festival!" he said, triumphantly.

"My name? But..."

"We read all the papers here. I knew I had seen your name somewhere before..."

"Oh. I see."

"So then the manager and I googled you," he continued, "and that's when it fitted into place. We read it all."

I groaned and hid my face in my hands. "You googled me?! So then you know everything?"

"Ach, don't worry: we've seen it all here. You're fine. In fact, I think what you do is wonderful."

Blushing, I lifted my head. "Thanks, I'm just, er, a bit thrown that you recognised my name."

"Well we always check the TV festival list to see if we have anyone important staying. I knew your name was familiar and I was right."

"Evidently." I shifted nervously in my heels and wondered how much of the blog he might have read - and what opinion he had reached about me from that.

"Anyway, I told my girlfriend that you were staying here and she was so excited: she has read your book three times and thinks it's brilliant."


"Really. She asked if you would sign her book, but she forgot to give it to me before I left for work this evening. She's so gutted!"

"Well, I've got some copies upstairs - I could sign one of those for her if you like."

"Would you?"

"Of course. It'd be a pleasure. I'll be back in two ticks."

I returned with the signed book a few moments later and handed it to him.

"She's going to be so happy about this: it'll really make her day."

"Well, hearing that she's read the book three times has really made my day, believe me."

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