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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The penis 

I spent most of today talking about penises - and the men that they are attached to - with this lovely man, who is filming a follow-up documentary for BBC3. We had a fascinating debate about men, and male sexuality, and how the size of men's penises might affect their self-worth and confidence - which in turn may affect their experiences in sex with a partner. We also talked about how few (straight) men talk openly about their cocks, and why both of us feel that this needs to change in order for men to feel more comfortable with their identity and masculinity.

For those interested in watching the documentary (which I think is going to be fantastic, not because I am spouting my mouth off in it, but due to the importance of the subject matter and how delicately the filmmaker Lawrence will investigate it), it's due to be broadcast in six weeks. I'll post something on here about it nearer the date.

With all this in mind, I'd like to ask my male readers to do a little poll about penises. I'm curious to know just how many men feel that their penis and its size might be an issue. The poll is anonymous, so feel free to click away - you can respond to as many points as you feel are relevant to you, thanks. And do comment below if you have any additional thoughts on the subject.

Update 1: The poll is now closed. Results are below. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Update 2: Also, to the (lovely) pedant who pointed out my incorrect usage of Penis' in the poll, thank you. My grammar is shit because I spent a few years bunking off school (mainly because a particular teacher and I mutually loathed each other: he described a story I had written as "boring", and was basically a prick (he later got the sack for being aggressive to students - myself included)). Sadly these were the same years when grammar, punctuation etc. were being taught, so as a result I'm seriously lacking in that area and am basically self-taught. Clearly I have more learning to do...

Update 3: The Poll's questions arose from the discussion I had had with the filmmaker Lawrence during the day; he wondered whether men worry about their penis size too much and he believes that most straight men do not talk about their penises with other men. I hoped that I might be able to find out if this was the case. It was incredibly difficult to raise questions that weren't too leading, and I wanted to maintain some neutrality in them too. Also, I had great difficulty finding a quiz that a) wasn't full of adverts, and b) allowed multiple responses. I would have liked to have included a 'Yes'/'No' facility, and also a '1-5' rating on each point, for relevance to the responder, but these weren't possible either. (At least, not for a free poll). So perhaps it's not methodologically sound, but hopefully it'll allow some insight into what men really think about their penises - which both Lawrence and I feel is not publicly known.

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