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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bookish stuff 

I’m very happy to announce that a Portuguese-language edition of my book is published today. I haven’t seen it yet, and have no idea what the cover looks like, but hopefully it will be good – I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy (even though I won’t be able to read it, because I speak no Portuguese, sadly). I’m also very excited about the forthcoming German, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish and Chinese versions: I’m so chuffed that my book will be available in the home language of non-English speaking countries.

I am extremely pleased to report that an American publisher has just bought the rights to the book, and a new edition of Girl With A One-Track Mind will be released in the US early next summer (hurrah). It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that my book will be on the shelves in the bookshops over there: hopefully it’ll act as a small antidote to the despicable ‘abstinence only’ propaganda that the Bush administration has been pushing…

In yet another part of the world, I was delighted to hear from a blog reader, that my book is for sale in Singaporean bookshops, in the ‘Cultural Studies’ section. Nice.

Finally, if you get hold of this month’s (November) edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, you’ll find the ‘Sex And The Single Girl’ column is written by me. In the article (as on here), I advocate women’s regular use of vibrators: my thought being that we should all have at least one climax a day, no matter what, because an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. Or, in other words, sexual pleasure = satisfaction = smile on face = more positive outlook to cope with life = more happiness in the long term.

It works for me, anyway, so if other women feel inspired to do the same after reading the article, fantastic: I’m all for more self-loving, especially if it’s a woman doing it. So ladies, get busy, you have nothing to lose but your sexual inhibitions and/or frustration...

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