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Friday, October 20, 2006


To all the people who showed up to the book signing last night, thank you. I cannot express how weird it was to be doing it - I never ever expected to meet readers of my blog or book face to face - and having to be me/Abby in front of strangers was terrifying.

I was gobsmacked how many people showed up, and was totally chuffed at the patience of those waiting an hour and a half to have their books signed - thank you. I was really taken aback by the warmth from the crowd and very appreciative that people laughed at my jokes - that helped the fact that I was sitting there in complete terror. It was bloody scary to read my book in front of people, and additionally so, because it's about the most intimate details of my sex life. Very surreal, and very nerve-wracking, but everyone was so friendly that it did eventually put me at ease.

I hope that the surprise reading of the book by me was enjoyable, even if I

a) fluffed my words a bit, and
b) had to remove any references to body parts

It was funny to be sat next to the children's section in the bookstore, and thus unable to say anything rude (at the pre-watershed time) - it was rather difficult finding anything in the book that didn't have a fuck, cock, or pussy somewhere. Understandably so - it is a sex memoir after all...

Anyway, I just wanted to voice my appreciation for those who made it - especially the people who travelled long distances - and to say that I hope the reading and Q & A made the journey worthwhile.

I also need to say thank you to my friends for their support, because they stopped me freaking out from anxiety, and they made sure I actually turned up on the night, rather than hiding under my duvet at home (my initial preference, and no, that had nothing to do with my wanting a quick fiddle: I was actually shaking, I was so scared).

And to all the bloggers who showed up - Troubled Diva, Andre, Anna, Bobbie, Salvadore, Unluckyman, Katy Newton, Inspector Sands, themanwhofellasleep, Tom Reynolds - I'm eternally grateful for the solidarity, not to mention the late-night drinking and chatting, cheers.

I have a hangover, so I'm not feeling so great right this minute, but all in all, things are good.

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