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Monday, October 10, 2005


“Look, here come the twins” I said, as two slim women dressed head to foot in matching pink pvc approached us.

Rentboy turned to look.

“A bit skinny for me, but damn she has a nice bottom” I remarked as the slightly curvier one passed by.

We both stared at her arse as she walked away, and I realised I had been at the Skin Two Expo for less than thirty minutes but already I was feeling turned on.

Damn me, and my one-track mind; I wasn’t there to ogle fine women in skin-tight rubber, I was there to peruse the products on display and catch up on what’s been happening in my friend Rentboy’s life.

“I think I need help” I said to him as we passed another woman with a superb specimen of buttock curvature, “I don’t know where to look”.

Rentboy laughed and helpfully guided me to a stall with spectacular solid stainless steel collars, which we were both in awe of. Clearly the designer had thought of everything; even the turn-key fitting was perfectly flush.

I left Rentboy admiring the quick-release keyring-attached whips and stumbled upon a stall selling electrically charged sex toys.

‘Ok’, I thought, ‘I’ve heard about these, and as much as the thought terrifies me, I really should find out some more, before I totally write this off’.

So, I grabbed hold of the large butt-plug on display (as you do), and turned up the dial. Soon enough I could feel the pins-and-needles-like electricity in my fingers and I increased it ‘til it hurt, trying to imagine what it would feel like in my (or someone else’s) arse.

Not that nice, I imagine.

Rentboy then joined me and tried it too. Twenty minutes later, when our fingers were still hurting, we both felt adamant that it wasn’t something either of us would ever explore.

Amongst the scores of wonderful rubber outfits and fetish toys for sale, we discovered a mini-gallery of erotic artists displaying their work and we fell in love with the gorgeous Nancy Farmer’s fantastic and humorous erotic photographs of dolls in sex poses. Her work was brilliant; I shall shortly be having a bitch fight

and doing some housework in my living room.

After leaving Nancy, we soon stumbled upon Jack’s floggers. Not that I have a thing for whips, but aesthetically these were just beautiful. They weren’t made from your standard run-of-the-mill leather or plastic; instead the handles were of the finest hand-carved wood and felt cool and smooth in your hand: immensely pleasurable for the tactile amongst us. I fell in love instantly.

“It feels like that moment when you first get to hold a guys’ cock” I gushed to Rentboy. “It feels cool and firm and then before you know it, it’s heating up in your hand and you feel compelled to grip it even tighter”.

With no cash on me, I was forced to replace the whip back on the rack, but with Rentboy quickly reassuring me that I could still buy it online, I cheered up so much I almost bumped into a man dressed head to toe in leopard-print rubber. And very sexy he looked too.

Rentboy then ventured upstairs to watch another rope-bondage session and I decided to peruse the lube stall.

Me: “What’s that?

Busty sales girl in white pvc dress: “Silicone lube

Me: “Ooh. Any good for hand-jobs?”

Busty: “Superb. And perfect for anal too: it never dries out”

She leant over towards me and squeezed some onto my hand. I tried not to look at her heaving cleavage too much.

Me: “Wow, that really does last. It’s so silky!”

Busty: “Yup. And it works under water too!”

Me: “I’ll take three sachets please”

It struck me, that I had just had a conversation about anal sex with a complete stranger. And that this wasn’t odd in the slightest. We had discussed a type of sex with the everyday ease of talking about going out to buy a pint of milk.

‘If only it were like this in the outside world’ I thought to myself, ‘people would be so much more comfortable about sex, if they could only talk about it this easily’.

I wiped off the slick lube from my hand with some tissue and wondered if in some small way I have done this with my blog; that perhaps by reading it, some people may have found it helpful with regard to their own thoughts about sex.

Putting the used tissue in the garbage I suddenly felt very introspective. I realised that by talking about sex so openly on my blog for the last 22 months, it has made me more comfortable about actually doing it, and what a wonderful thing that was; I have come along in leaps and bounds since I started writing.

I left the stall, ignoring the young, pretty and very buxom, blonde girl who had been drunkenly trying to chat me up, and went in search of Rentboy, feeling like whatever journey I am on, it is just the beginning; I have a long way to go yet.

And I am looking forward to every minute.

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