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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


It's funny being a blogger sometimes.

While I was running today, I was thinking of the post I was going to write tonight. It would have been a humorous post about female seduction.

I laughed as I ran the final mile, planning how I might offer tips on flirtation with body language, and the use of a smile during a blow job. I grinned as I thought about how the the rule of threes always applies on a first date: breasts, arse, or legs, but never more than one at a time. I got excited when I considered just how important that first body contact is - that gentle touch on the arm can be the beginnings of the intimacy that follows later.

And then I got home, and discovered abuse in my inbox and comment box.

I don't care to repeat anything that has been said to me, but it is fair to say, it was highly unappreciated.

I always used to wonder why Belle didn't have comments enabled on her blog. I assumed that it was because her readership was in the thousands and that her blog would be overwhelmed by comments. But now I realise, it was because of how much abuse she must have got.

I have generally been lucky. Many of the visitors to this site have been loyal readers for a long time. They read, they comment, they debate. And they do it with respect. But sadly not all people connect with my blog in this way. A few seem to become very aggressive reading it. And it is these people who have attacked me, both on my comments and via my email.

Now I understand the need for debate - hell, I support it enthusiastically and value constructive criticism - but what I don't appreciate are hateful or derogatory comments: whatever happened to the saying,

'If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all'?

I have, as expected, deleted all offensive remarks, but I have to say I am very tempted to turn off my comments on this blog permanently.

It would be a shame to let a few people spoil the good that has come out of having them there so far, but then, it's always the one arsehole at the party that ruins the night for the rest of us.

*This post may be deleted, when I stop being in a shitty mood*

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