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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've just been accused by an old acquaintance of being

'lost in show business'

and that I need to get my feet

'back on the ground where the real people are'.

What's provoked this criticism? It's simple: My requesting that if she is going to include me in a group chain email, then could she please BCC my private email address, rather than display it in the main body of the email.

Clearly she felt this demand was uncalled for, and that I was becoming too big for my boots and needed to be brought back down to earth. Who do I think I am to wish for my email address to remain private? Someone special, obviously. Too important to be publicly named on an email, right?

Not at all. I just a) hate fucking chain emails, b) hate getting copied in on every Tom, Dick and Harry's response to said fucking chain email, and c) hate getting spam as a result of my email address being shared with total strangers via a fucking chain email. I know I am not alone in having these feelings about chain emails; like so many other people I'd just prefer not to be sent crap - and certainly not then copied in on the responses to that crap, thank you very much. All of this is unrelated to how I now earn my living, as she seems to be suggesting; it just is about my wishing not to be spammed.

I wrote back, (gently) explaining the above situation and then added:

'I apologise if you interpreted my request as me being officious or rude - that wasn't my intent at all - but please don't attack me for being some kind of stuck-up celebrity. We've both worked with plenty of those type of pricks and there is no way I would ever behave like them, having the experience that I do being on the receiving end of their crap. So I do take slight offence at your accusation of my being 'lost in show business' - nothing could be further from the truth. I am very much grounded, even if I do happen to be on the other side of the camera nowadays.'

Somehow I don't reckon I will hear from her again. Not a huge loss in my life, it has to be said, because as it is I am attacked regularly enough by total strangers for what they perceive as my "success", so I certainly don't need unjustified resentment from those people whom I consider friends.

Still, as they say, you know who your friends are, and over the last twelve months I've discovered I have some amazing friends - and they are people who wouldn't jump to a stupid conclusion about my asking not to be included on a fucking chain email.

(If they wanted to send me some decent porn, however, I would be fine with that.)

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