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Friday, November 27, 2009

Possibility II 

I opened the front door and guided them both into the kitchen. I offered up the only item in the fridge, a bottle of wine, but they both declined. For a moment I wondered if my instincts had been wrong. It’s not that I was concerned for my safety by having two men I didn’t know in my kitchen: they were attending the same conference as I was, and we’d met through the small, very-connected community there, so they weren’t strangers to me. No, it was more that I was worried that I might have misinterpreted their signals; I couldn’t bear the embarrassment if so. Was I really that out of practice?

Before my awkwardness could develop any further, Blue Eyes suddenly slid over to me, and in one swift move pulled me to him, pressing his lips against mine. We kissed, and as he shifted his body I felt his erection against me. I quickly sneaked a peek at Brown Eyes and found he was smiling. My instincts were correct: this wasn’t my imagination, this was really happening.

But reality soon set in: my flat mate would be back any minute. If anything was going to happen between us three, it wasn’t going to be in the shared kitchen area. I suggested we all move into my bedroom and I led the way in, both of them following close behind. On the way, I quickly darted into the bathroom to grab some condoms: I didn’t know what lay ahead, but I sure as hell was going to be ready for it.

We ended up on my bed, me nestling between both men, taking it in turns to kiss one, then the other. I think if I had stopped to really consider what was happening, I would’ve been incredibly nervous. But, instead, like some brazen part of me had taken control of all my insecurities and inhibitions, (or perhaps it was due to the whisky cocktails I’d drunk earlier) I heard myself saying to them,

“Why have you both still got your clothes on? Strip!”

and then, before my eyes, I had two men undressing for me. If ever there was a time when confident ‘Girl’ spoke, rather than the regular insecure me, this most definitely was it.

I remained clothed for a few minutes, writhing between them as they fondled and caressed me. But there was no way I was keeping my dress on whilst being sandwiched between two hot men, so it, like their underwear, was dragged off with some gusto.

It’s funny, I’ve always been able to recall the sex I’ve had –which I’ve written about on the blog and book– in explicit detail, but somehow, perhaps because it was so mind blowing, there are only fragments of this experience that I can catch hold of: fleeting emotions and thoughts that struck me whilst in the moment; I am unable to remember the exact sequence of events. But what I am sure of is that all of it was incredible.

I recall lying there, lazily, as both men took it in turns to slip their fingers inside me, and caress me, each of them grinning as they felt my body respond to their touch and my juices flow as I climaxed over their hands. When I’d finished shaking from yet another orgasm, the other guy would move in, his hands, his mouth, his cock ready for my pleasure.

“This should be illegal,” I proclaimed at one point, as they both hovered over me, their cocks in each of my hands.

Blue Eyes sniggered. “It most likely is, in some states.”

I think they thought me well versed – or at least well practiced – in the field of threesomes because they knew of my sexblogger infamy; I’m sure they didn’t believe me when I told them it was my first time with two men. Or maybe that’s because, somewhat embarrassingly, I kept thanking them: I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm or glee about the situation.

As Brown Eyes slowly fucked me from behind, and Blue Eyes’ cock slipped in and out of my mouth, a thought surfaced in my mind. I wondered why “Roasting” is always almost always described as an act where the woman is passively pleasuring two men, when in fact the opposite is true. Here I was, the sole focus of sexual attention: I had two men eager to please me; two men wanting me to come; I had double the possibility of pleasure. What woman wouldn’t want that?

When it comes to sex, I’m more than happy with just one man, but to have two was like a dream come true: I was never wanting. And they received lots of pleasure too: I feasted on their lips, their delicious bodies, their cocks, as if I hadn’t eaten for a week.

It wasn’t all sucking and fucking though: the moments of kissing and mutual caressing are as memorable to me as the orgasms we all had. I did suggest they kiss and fondle each other, too, but sadly they both declined. Well, a Girl can’t have everything, I suppose, and I was overjoyed just to be between them with their hands all over me.

The best moment came at the end of the evening. We were all on the bed, Brown Eyes behind me, spoon-fashion, Blue Eyes in front. Each time Brown Eyes thrusted into me, Blue Eyes would kiss me, and when he saw my climax begin to approach, he grinned. As my orgasm took hold, Blue Eyes pressed his lips to mine: he absorbed my climax with his smile. It was, honestly, the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in sex.

The following morning I went out to breakfast with my flatmate, who had returned at some ungodly hour, unbeknownst to me.

“You sounded like you were having a lot of fun last night,” he said, smirking.

“Oh god, you didn’t…?”

“Yes, I did. You come rather loudly you know – and you seemed to come rather a lot!”

I was mortified, but he laughed it off, and after I told him exactly why I was so loud, so frequently, he congratulated me on my threesome.

“So what’s next?” he asked me, as we got stuck in to our fry-up. “Where does The Girl go from here?”

“You know what?” I replied. “I’m happy now. I’ve done what I’ve always wanted; I’ve finally ticked the biggest box on my To-do list. I’m ready to settle down and get married.”

He raised his coffee cup in a mock toast and I did the same. And as I ate my bacon and eggs, I was aware that I was unable to stop smiling.

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