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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Before any more people ask me if I’ve seen it, yes, I have read ex-Gawker blogger Emily Gould’s piece in the New York Times about the impact blogging had on her life. And yes, I did relate, somewhat.

I’ve been quoted in response to the NYT article as saying, ‘There still seems a long way to go before people grasp how revealing so much personal detail about themselves can have a permanent impact’, which makes it sound like I
m suggesting blogging is inherently negative; it's not. I may have some discomfort regarding my own naivety about divulging so many details of my own personal life which have been –and still are– on display on this blog; but I’m not filled with regret that I did. In terms of sexblogging, I think that the more people who write openly and honestly about sex –without apologising for doing so– the better, because that will help to remove some of the stigma, embarrassment and shame around the subject, which, in my opinion, weve still some way to go in challenging.

The rest of my quote continued, ‘...but technology has changed the way people interact, in many positive ways, and its ability to connect people with others has meant it will become integral to modern communication in the future’, and I fully believe this. So I
m in agreement with Jeff Jarvis that ‘...the benefits of publicness [of blogging] will outweigh the negatives. The internet is making us more social. And our mutually assured humiliation may make us more forgiving.’

I certainly hope so.

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