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Monday, April 21, 2008


For those that don't know, or who haven't read all of this blog's archives (I can't blame you for that, much of it is dull as fuck), the title "Girl with a one-track mind" was always supposed to be mildly ironic. As in, yes, I'm a woman who always thinks about sex, but, by god I obsess about other things in a singularly-tracked way too. So my nerdy (and dull, to most of my friends) knowledge of which particular cinematographer filmed a 1982 sci-fi movie, is as fixated upon by me as my enthusiasm for having a threesome with two men (sadly still an unfulfilled desire of mine). It just so happens that I chose to write about the latter more frequently. (I admit to finding blow jobs more interesting to talk about, than the depth-of-field in a close-up shot.)

So it ain't all sex, sex, sex (well, it is in my head, of course, but I care not in sharing all of my masturbatory fantasies on here anymore, since I know certain members of my family read this blog now. Hello there, relatives!). No, nowadays, when I am not navel gazing, or unsuccessfully attempting to impress some poor boy with my stupid witticisms, I get hot around the collar about other things. Like, for example, who is going to be the next London Mayor.

All you non-London people, feel free to yawn right now; believe me, even I am bored shitless of the bullshit pissing contest that is our upcoming Mayoral election. And I'm planning on leaving this damn miserable city soon, so really I shouldn't give a shit who gets in and fucks up the capital even more than it already is. But I do. Call me stupid, but I do give a damn; London will always be where I was born and bred, so I'm prone to rose-tinted nostalgia about it, I suppose.

Anyway, the main two contenders are a bit dire, to put it
mildly. Should Boris win, the result will be, as Charlie Brooker states eloquently,

"Picture the expression Piers Morgan makes when he's especially pleased with himself, then multiply it by 10 million, and imagine it looming overhead like a Death Star."

Which obviously is everyone's version of hell.

In order to prevent Boris, the racist twat getting in, it appears one has to vote for Ken, but he's not innocent either: it's hard to forget his open support of a homophobe. Do we really want either of them running our city?

There are alternatives, as London Strategic Voter highlight, and through them Londoners can find out if it is recommended that they vote tactically (to prevent the Tories gaining power) in their local ward. But the Mayoral elections also have further implications, as LSV point out:

"[Our aims are] to use these elections to help build a strong base of London progressive voters ready, willing and enabled to vote strategically to get rid of pro-war, anti-environment and pro-privatisation New Labour MPs across London at the next General Election - as part of the overall national Strategic Voter objective strategy of achieving a hung or “No Overall Control” parliament followed by electoral reform."

It's not just about buses or the Congestion Charge or whether one arrogant arsehole has a more affable personality than another; it's about changing the way democracy in this country works. I urge all Londoners reading this to check out the LSV site and ensure they go to the polling station on May 1st, and cast informed, rather than apathetic, votes.

[/party political broadcast]

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