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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Austin has now transformed into a mini-Glastonbury, albeit a warmer version and lacking in mud. The streets are filled with music fans now: screaming hoardes of not-yet-able-to-prove-ID youths, anxiously diving in and out of the showcases and parties, terrified that they don't miss out on the hundreds of bands performing all over the town, because no-one knows who the next big hitters will be.

I went to a screening at the film festival last night and upon my midnight exit from the cinema, was almost knocked down in the street by flier-wielding-Hoxtonite-wannabees who were swaying under the influence of all the free beer. I've nothing against music people and I'm sure the fans are nice an' all, but really, if I wanted to be surrounded by gaunt-looking teenage boys in dirty skinny jeans, I'd be watching them pretentiously smoke their roll-ups outside the Good Mixer in Camden, rather than here, in Austin, where just days ago, I was surrounded by a plethora of fit men.

All the talent has left town. Bring back the geeks!

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