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Saturday, December 09, 2006


Funny how life imitates art.

Over a year ago, we were all laughing at this. Sadly, as it now appears, this was prescient: 4 million signatures handed in, and yet we still get screwed...

Oh well, at least you can click here and take a stand by voting for JonnyB. He may not bring about world peace, but - unlike the other nominees - at least he'll make you laugh. It's about time that the U.K.blogworld was represented by a brilliant satirist, rather than some wannabe-politicians, I think.

All it will take to make a woman like me happy, is a quick flick of your wrist: vote here - often.


There's a little feud brewing about whether a humour writer deserves to win the title of Best UK Blog, or whether a bunch of fuckwit neo-con right-wing wankers should have the honour instead.

One of their own "highly gifted commentator's" states:

I do think there is real value in winning the award this year for the simple fact that it represents free advertising and an opportunity for this Blog to gain readership."

Shallow self-serving twats.

Why am I pissed off? Besides their pathetic politics and their ignorance, their narrow-mindedness means they're unable to understand ironic humour, sarcasm and satire when it slaps them in the face, so just for that they should lose, I think.

So look, let's shut them up. You lot can help: click here (once every 24 hours) and vote for JonnyB. 10,000 of you visit my blog every day - if just 1% of you help out, we'll have shafted them.

Which would make me a very happy woman, OK?

N.B. This blog post is in no way endorsed, funded, or supported by any of the candidates. Its bitchiness is purely of my own doing and reflects my personal opinion only. So there.

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