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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


“She’s just like you.”

“How so?”

“She’s like a man.”

“You have a tactful way of insulting me, you know”

“Sorry. What I meant, was that, like you, she is the same as a man: she always wants sex.”

“Ah, I see. Always horny then?”

“Always wet you mean.”

I laughed. “Definitely like me then.”

We paid for another pint and moaned about the portion size of the food, wondering if we had ordered enough for our beer-induced drunken hunger.

“So, will you be needing Viagra then?”

He laughed. “Not yet, though I did wonder the other night, whether I could ever shag again.”

“She rode you hard? A woman after my own heart, obviously”

“Well, she’d already made me come three times, and to be honest I was a bit knackered at that point. When she asked if we could have one last shag before going to sleep, I wanted to say no.”

“Ha ha ha. Sounds familiar. Did you tell her to have a wank instead?”

Hell no. A beautiful woman in bed with me, a soaking wet pussy, are you kidding me? It didn’t take me much to get hard again I can tell you.”

“Good for you. Glad to see you appreciate what is obviously a quality woman. Was it worth it?”

“Definitely. She came as soon as I slid my cock into her. I love that. Took me fucking ages to come, but it was a good pay off at the end, even though I was fucking shattered.”

“Nice. Lucky bastard. Sounds lovely. That’s what I need: a man who’ll go the extra mile because they enjoy taking advantage of my sex drive”

“What about your public performance? Any more of that happening? That sounded hot”

“It was. But I’m not planning on being on display again. I’m a good girl don’t you know”

“Yeah, of course, I forgot. But you are far more daring than me. The closest I got to doing something in the public eye, was eating her pussy as she was standing at the kitchen sink with the curtains open”

“Doing your washing up no doubt, you lazy bastard”

“Well, she was very wet, but not from having her hands in water”

“She sounds like your type of woman alright. So are you still looking to play then – got any couples lined up?”

He looked down. “Um, no, I’ve stopped that for the moment. But if she wanted to dabble, I wouldn’t say no, though I think we need to let things settle before we involve others”

“Oh my. Here’s a woman with a great sex drive, you enjoy her company, find her funny and sweet and don’t want to fuck anyone else right now. Should I be buying a hat and fixing a speech?!”

He laughed. “Not just yet. But watch this space. I really like her.”

“I’m so happy for you. You deserve it. That really is great news.”

“What about you then - anything going on?”

“Nothing to write home about; it’ll happen – at the right time. I hope anyway. Until then, whatever happens, happens; I have an open mind”

“I was going to say ‘and an open pussy too’ but figured you might hit me if I did”

“Goddamn right, you cheeky bastard”

“I want you to meet her, at some point; I hope you’ll like her”

“I’m sure I will. But don’t be getting any ideas about the three of us in your bed”

“I won’t, don’t worry. You’re safe with me.”

“It’s not you I’m worried about: if she’s hot, I’ll be wanting to bed her too”

He laughed. “Whatever man you end up with, he is going to be one lucky – and very happy – bloke. Just remember that”

“Cheers my dear. I’ll drink to that”

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